Ascent: Infinite Realm Is Headed For Open Beta…

Ascent: Infinite Realm Is Headed For Open Beta In Southeast Asia Soon

Where’s Ascent: Infinite Realm? It’s a question we collectively pondered recently, but it would appear that a Hungarian site has announced that the game is heading towards open beta in Asia soon.

According to the Google-translated website, A:IR is headed for open beta in the southeast Asia at some point in the near future, though a hard date has yet to be pinned down. A timeline between December and February is mentioned at one point.

Wading through the AI translation mire seems to suggest that Asiasoft/PlayPark is pushing forward with open beta in the region due to an underperforming Q3 where profits did not cover the quarter’s losses, meaning that the publisher is effectively hinging its future on the MMO’s success. That said, it also appears that an internal focus group test was well-received, which ideally means that the open beta build won’t be too rushed. Ideally.

This is the latest word of progress from A:IR since a closed beta in the SEA region in March and the start of closed beta registration for Korea in May. We’ve also found a fan-made video from YouTube channel Society of Gaming talking about some of the latest developments from Korea, which we’ve embedded below.

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