City Of Heroes: Homecoming Kicks Off The…

City Of Heroes: Homecoming Kicks Off The Winter Season In Its Latest Patch


  • Atlas Park is now ready for winter.
  • The background color for Damage Resistance enhancements is now a slightly redder hue, to distinguish them from Defense enhancements.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed clip region for the load costume list in the costume editor on high DPI monitors.
  • Added a sanity check for the UI scale on startup in case it gets corrupted in the registry.
  • Added a work around for a deficiency in old versions for Wine on Mac that resulted in a divide-by-zero crash on startup.
  • Candy Canes can no longer drop in Architect Entertainment missions.
  • Fixed mistimed VFX for the dark version of Atom Smasher.


Homecoming Crash Handler

  • The new Homecoming Crash Handler has been added to the game – however, it is currently inactive until we update our Privacy Policy to cater for it.

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