Astellia’s A New Land Awaits – Miodan Mine

Greetings Astellians,

Your battles against the destruction wrought on the world of Astellia by the taint of Karza contamination, have taken you far from home, and further still you must travel if you truly wish to save everything you hold dear. Whispers are abound of a new region, known as the Miodan Mines, where the inhabitants have tapped into an ore known as Ascentdium. The flow of Atra has become twisted and corrupted by those seeking to tap into its power using this ore. You have been burdened with the task of investigating this area and purging those who spread this corruption from within!

A New Land Awaits

Miodan Mine is a brand new, never before seen zone being added to Astellia. Where max level players will be able to participate in a variety of activities rewarding: Unique class specific treasures that can be upgraded with materials earned within the mines, along with tokens that can be redeemed for high level consumables.

Unique Features

Additionally due to the distortion of the Atra within the region, born from the zealous harvesting of Ascentdium by the local inhabitants. Players will be presented with interesting new mechanics only found while within the Miodan Mine region. Allowing them to permanently sustain the summoning of 3 servant type Astels out at all times, without the use of an Atra Tonic. Specific monsters will also take additional damage from certain types of Astels, opening the door for innovative and exciting new combinations.

Daily Activities

Each day players will be provided with a series of quests, awarding materials necessary for upgrading the Class Treasures, and the tokens used in purchasing high tier consumables such as: Healing & Mana Potions, Atra Crystal & Star Jewel Boxes, and containing a variety of ingredients.


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