Bless Unleashed discusses adjustments to open…

Bless Unleashed discusses adjustments to open world PvP after open beta feedback

Open world PvP is an exciting part of Bless Unleashed’s gameplay. The element of PvP helps to make the world of Lumios more dynamic. However, we also understand that the implementation of open world PvP in our open beta could be improved.

We’ve heard your feedback, and even seen some of the issues ourselves watching various streams.

  • Some players took advantage of open world PvP and killed others while they were resting at Soul Pyres.

  • Other players attacked much weaker opponents in lower level zones.

  • Known Player Killers weren’t visible enough for some people.

  • There was not enough avenues for consensual PvP outside of open world PvP.

We’re taking steps to address all of this feedback before we launch Bless Unleashed. It’s Round 8’s hope that by taking these additional steps, we can help to make open world PvP a better experience for everyone. We’re also hoping that some aspects of the upcoming Unions system will also help to resolve some of these concerns. Let’s take a look at some of the specific changes we’ll be implementing:



Players who are still learning the fundamentals of Bless Unleashed shouldn’t be exposed to open world PvP, or have to worry about a high level character coming into their adventure zone to ruin their day. To resolve this issue we’ll be expanding the safe zones in Lumios to include all areas of progression up to the Gnoll Wastes. Additionally, every zone’s major city and big town will be treated as safe zones moving forward.

We also don’t think it’s very sporting to interrupt another player’s meal or rest time, so we’ll be making sure that all Soul Pyres are safe places where players can rest easy without fear that someone will sneak up on them and attack.

Finally, to help players who do die in PvP combat, we’ll be removing the resurrection sickness penalty for deaths incurred through PvP.


We also recognize the need to better identify notorious player killers. Moving forward, as players gain more bad karma by killing other players their names will gradually turn more and more red, and an icon will appear over the user’ head to indicate that they are a dangerous outlaw.


We already have systems in place to balance the effects of players who partake in open world PvP, and are continually working to refine and improve the experience. As players kill other players, they will gain bad karma. At a certain point, they will no longer be welcome in most cities and towns, and will even be unable to use Soul Pyres outside of those located in outlaw towns. Players who are killed will lose some of the karma they have accumulated.

Players who choose to continue down the path of player killing may also be able to find rewards, assuming they can overcome the obstacles of all those who choose to follow a more righteous path.

Additionally, players who successfully kill those infamous player killers will be rewarded as well.

Players who may have a change of heart about their life of crime and misdeeds should be allowed a path to redemption, so it will be possible for these outlaws to decrease their bad karma. But keep in mind, it will be very challenging and costly, so choose your path wisely! We will be revealing more details on this later.


As the Head of Development from Round 8 Studio mentioned in his recent letter to the community, the Union system will also be available at launch. We’re not ready to go into many details about this system quite yet, but it will also play an important part in managing the open world PvP experience. Players who choose to participate in open world PvP and kill other players repeatedly will be able to join a Union of like-minded adventurers, and find a path to rewards through their Union. However, another Union will also exist to balance out this force, and those will specialize in maintaining the law of the land, and will be rewarded for striking down those who  choose the path of the outlaw.. More information regarding this exciting system will be coming soon.

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