Neverwinter Campaigns Week Begins Today

Lord Neverember is assisting heroes in making their way through the Far Realms with a Campaign Themed weekend! Throughout the next week, adventurers can earn Double Campaign Currency in various campaigns*:

  • Sharandar
  • Dread Ring
  • Icewind Dale
  • Tyranny of Dragons
  • Underdark
  • The Maze Engine
  • Storm King’s Thunder
  • The Cloaked Ascendancy
  • Chult
  • Ravenloft

Campaigns Week begins Thursday, December 19 at 10am PT

Campaigns Week ends Thursday, December 26 at 10am PT

There are several ways to take advantage of 2x Currency:

  • Daily and weekly quests in campaign zones
  • Campaign specific tasks
  • Turning in Genie’s Gifts for campaign currency where available
  • ToD includes Linu’s Favors (rewarded from the Temple of Tiamat and Tiamat’s Hoard)

*Campaigns not included in the list above will not award 2x currency.

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