Runes Of Magic Adds The New Chassizz Zone…

Runes Of Magic Adds The New Chassizz Zone, New Instance, And ‘peak Levels’ In Its Latest Update

Patch 7.4.0 is here – and with it lots of exciting new challenges! Help the Hand of Balance establish a post on the volcanic island and face the Inexorable League in their final fortress.

Chassizz is the easternmost island in the Shataem Archipelago. The entire island is characterized by its unique terrain, which was created when the volcano at the center of the island erupted.

The island is crawling with dangers because it’s under the control of the Inexorable League, which rules it from the Celestial Spire. The New Pantheon lies within, well protected. Whatever they’re planning there must be stopped!

New Content

New Zone: Chassizz

The island is waiting with lots of new main quests and side quests that you can play to progress your character.

New Instance: New Pantheon

The New Pantheon is the last of our enemies’ hiding places. The temple was constructed with the help of the Naga and can be reached through the entrance deep within the Celestial Spire.

There are 5 bosses waiting for you there:

  • Czerkonis will put you to the test. Are you strong enough to pass the trial?
  • Lady Timata doesn’t fight alone: she has an army of her own children to fight beside her.
  • The Chassizzene Nex is drunk on divine power and doesn’t want to let go of it again.
  • Nekdar will use his entire arsenal to stop you from getting any further.
  • Zhargos’ ‘Experimental Body Enclosure’ will be your last battle in the Pantheon. Prevent a Chaos Storm from being unleashed.

Defeat them in combat and seize your rewards!

New World Boss

A new world boss awaits you in the Entity Chamber. Be careful – the whole place seems highly unstable.

New Leveling System – Introducing ‘Peak Levels’

While the level cap will stay at 100, there is a new kind of level known as ‘Peak Levels’.

To unlock them you’ll have to complete the quest ‘Crossing the Mountain Path’ from Leya Peak in Varanas. Once you’ve unlocked it, the experience points that you collect will be calculated at this new level.

Peak values are linked to bonus buffs for movement speed, gold and drop rate as well as attribute increases for your character.

The upper limit currently available is Peak Level 5.

New Gear

As in every new zone, there are powerful items that you can equip your character with. You can get new pieces of equipment from merchants, quests, by crafting and of course, in the New Pantheon.

Temporary Catch-Up Servers

Together with the release of 7.4.0 we are opening two temporary servers that will rapidly speed up leveling. So if you’d like to try out a new character or return to RoM after a break, now is the perfect time! You can find information about the temporary servers here.

Other News

The Snowflake Festival is back with new quests and a wonderful new Ice Crystal Snowboard! Click here to view all the Festival information!

Naturally, there are events and special offers during the Christmas period for you to enjoy! Just stop by the shop and forum!

The RoM Team.

New content

  • The new zone has been opened: Chassizz
  • New main questline, side quests and daily quests have been added.
  • The new instance “New Pantheon” has been added.
    • The instance will offer 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard modes.
    • The New Pantheon difficulties are balanced around different Peak Levels following a progression.
  • New World Boss “Zhargos”.
  • New Peak Level System have been added.
    • Player main and sub class need to reach level 100.
    • To unlock Peak Level, the player needs to complete the quest “Crossing the Mountain Path” from NPC Leya Peak.
    • The Peak Level experience player earns is 1/100 ratio of the normal experience.
    • Current Peak Level cap is 5. In the future updates, the level cap will be increased and new exclusive Peak Levels gear item will be added.
  • New titles have been added.
  • New crafting recipes have been added.
  • New items for Ancient Mementos, Phirius Shells, Energy of Justice, Proof of Myth, Honour, Dreamland Pioneer Sigils merchant NPCs have been added.

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