Warface Christmas Pack Sweepstakes!

Celebrating Christmas holidays and the upcoming release of an upcoming Operation Hydra PvE mission on PC, Warface has provided us with 100 “Christmas Packs” to select offer to our community, each valued at $50. The exclusivity of the packs means that they cannot be bought in-game.  Enter for a chance to win one now!

NOTE: This sweepstakes will run from December 19, 2019 @ 6:00PM EST until December 25, 2019 @ 9:00PM EST.  The more days you login to MMORPG.com during this event the better your odds of winning.

Below are the full contents of this exclusive gift pack:

  • Icicle Knife – Do damage at longer ranges with this ‘cool’ weapon.
  • Candy Knife – Do damage at longer ranges with this sweet weapon
  • Desert Eagle Pistol  – The large-framed, gas-operated semi-automatic Desert Eagle pistol was designed by Magnum Research in the U.S. and is primarily manufactured by Israel Military Industries.
  • Christmas Firecracker – This Firecracker is designed specifically for good children, who love to have fun! But be careful, it’s dead good fun!
  • Christmas Grenade – Utilize some festive firepower and prepare to witness an unique explosion.
  • Snowball – It has a unique visual effect when it explodes.
  • Christmas Gift Box – At Christmas time it’s compulsory to be kind and cheerful! Be sure to give gifts, even to your enemies… This explosive present is perfect for them =)

About Warface

Warface, a free-to-play online military first-person shooter, which is available for free download on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and gathers 80 mln players around the globe.

The dynamic universe of Warface engages players with constantly updated Co-op multiplayer with challenging PVE activities, a variety of PVP-modes with a league system and eSports tournaments.

About Warface: Operation Hydra

“Operation Hydra” is a new PvE Arena mission featuring a naval base “Hydra”. During the mission, players will have to defend a special terminal located in the center of the map, with each enemy wave being more dangerous than the previous one. During the last wave players will become engaged in the final stand-off with a powerful boss.

For more information about Warface make sure to check out the official website.  You can also get details on the new Operation Hydra PvE mission at this link.

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