Lord Of The Rings Online Begins Testing Three…

Lord Of The Rings Online Begins Testing Three New Minas Morgul Instances

Bullroarer Update 25.2.1 – Preview #1

New Minas Morgul instances will be available tomorrow (01/09) for your feedback. They are not 100% done, so please feel free to yell at us about bugs and balance, etc. We will only have a short preview this week, but there will be another Bullroarer deployment early next week.

News and Notes:

  • Bullroarer will remain open until Friday afternoon (01/10). Time subject to change.
  • Bullroarer will return early next week.
  • Character Copy to Bullroarer will be available.Shared Item transfer is currently disabled.


  • Bar Nirnaeth, The Houses of Lamentation
  • Ghashan-Kutot, The Halls of Black Lore
  • The Fallen Kings


  • Captain Heralds now deal Westernesse damage.
  • Lore-master pets now deal Beleriand damage.


  • New gear can now be crafted by Tailors, Metalsmiths, Weaponsmiths, and Woodworkers.
  • The recipe for “Cooked Carrots” has been changed to require butter and water instead of lard.
  • The recipe for “Stuffed Cabbage” has been changed to require a potato instead of a pork shank.
  • Softly Moonlit Essences now disenchant to a Malleable Moonlit Essence. Malleable Moonlit Essences are required to craft more powerful Essences.
  • Needful Ingenuity’s tooltip now has its proper bonus.
  • Anorien Critical Captain Armaments now offer extra statistics.


  • Armour items from the sets “of the Vale”, “of the Maw”, “of the Vale’s Armouries”, and “Shadow-bent” are now correctly dyeable.
  • Sleeping Cat housing decorations can now be placed in a small yard hook in addition to the large furniture hook.
  • Item level bonuses for gear has been corrected for Minas Morgul Instance Tiers.
  • 50 Sigils of Imlad Ithil can now be traded for one Relic of Minas Ithil.
  • Draigoch Scales now go into Crafting Carry-alls.
  • Scrolls of Universal Crafting Lore now stack with crafted Lore Scrolls.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Corrected some terrain and placement issues in Minas Morgul landscapes.
  • Some polish has been made to Minas Morgul end game quests.
  • Defeating a Gauntman in the Gauntord instance now has a slight chance to drop a Tier 1 Reputation Relic.
  • Swift Travel is now possible from Hultvis to Vegbar.
  • A more convenient defeat location inside of Minas Morgul is now available for “Gothmog’s Rage” and “A Vengeful Heart”.
  • Three-person Instances now receive the solo version of the Scion mob effects.
  • The “Scion of Spite” (Duelist) and Scion effect “Defiance” (Protector) scion buffs have been reduced.
  • Housing neighborhood stable-master routes to other neighborhoods will now be properly discovered when you speak to a neighborhood stable-master. Several routes offered by the neighborhood stable-masters now correctly require a current or previous subscription to travel for silver. Travel between neighborhoods, to Festival locations, and to starting areas remain available for silver with no restrictions.


  • The Minstrel’s Inspiring Cries and Calls has had its text updated to accurately reflect its duration.


  • The text description for Might has been updated for Champions, Guardians, and Beornings.
  • Class items such as Runekeeper satchels now have a visibility toggle in the Appearance UI.

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