Bless Unleashed Turn A Profit With The…

Bless Unleashed Turn A Profit With The Artisans’ Society

One of three Unions in Bless Unleashed, the Artisans’ Society offers benefits to players who are looking to gain an edge in Bless Unleashed’s crafting system. In order to join the Artisans’ Society, players will first need to prove their expertise in crafting to the society through a series of quests.

Once accepted into the society, players will be able to take part in a set of daily quests for the Union which will allow them to rise in standing. Quests for the Artisans’ Society will revolve around adventuring in Lumios’ open fields, hunting monsters and searching out unique crafting ingredients for the Union.

As players advance in the Artisans’ Society, they will unlock unique benefits including increased crafting experience, or additional healing from gathering, to bonuses when crafting certain items, or even learning the ability to gather materials from the world while mounted.

Each Union in Bless Unleashed also has a special ability to help them excel in their chosen profession, and the Artisans’ Society will be able to train its members in a special camouflage ability which will aid its members in remaining unnoticed by enemies, both player and NPC, while working in the wilds of Lumios.

Will you be joining the Artisans’ Society in Bless Unleashed? Or do you believe the Sentinels or Court of the Ravens will suit your playstyle more?

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