PUBG Karakin Release Date – New Map Coming…

PUBG Karakin Release Date – New Map Coming To Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!

PUBG is getting a new map called, Karakin! It looks to be a desert based map which is reminiscent of Miramar. This has been received as a mixed bag, because while some people enjoyed that map, a lot of players felt like it was too large. We’ll have to wait and see how Karakin is laid out and if it improves upon the previous desert experience.


The release date for Karakin has not officially been announced yet! It will likely be released when Season 6 goes live, which should be within a couple of weeks. Season 5 ended on January 14th/15th for PC and will end on January 21st on console. There’s likely going to be a week or so break and then the new season will be added. So, expect it sometime in January 2020. Once the official date has been announced, we will update this post!

Karakin Teaser

The map was officially announced via Twitter and the official PUBG account:

If you look closely, you might see what looks to be a RPG or Panzerfaust on the back of one of the players which would be an interesting addition to the game.


If you’re a big fan of Vikendi, you aren’t going to be entirely pleased. It looks like Karakin will be replacing it for now, and Vikendi will not be available for the time being. This has been confirmed by Hawkinz, PUBG’s Community Manager:

Vikendi will be rotating out when Season 6 begins, but not permanently.

You can of course still play Vikendi in custom matches.

We’ll have more information soon.



According to leaks from PlayerIGN, it looks like there will be the following locations on the new map:

Al Habar, Al Hayik, Bahr Sahir, Bashara, Cargo Ship, & Hadiq Nemo


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