Dragon Ball All King Yemma Quiz Answers…

Dragon Ball All King Yemma Quiz Answers – Dbz: Kakarot

Let’s take a quick look at how to answer all of King Yemma’s questions correctly in Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot! If you want to save the world with Goku then you are going to need to know the right answers for this little impromptu quiz that King Yemma sets in front of you. These questions aren’t too hard, but why not make sure you get them right the first time!


There’s five total questions you will need to answer. Here’s a look at all of the questions with the correct responses:

  • Question 1: Where was Raditz sent?
    • Answer: Hell.
  • Question 2: Who is more powerful?
    • Answer: King Yemma
  • Question 3: Who is judged here after death?
    • Answer: Everyone
  • Question 4: Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Question 5: Which question is this?
    • Answer: The 5th

Once you’ve correctly answered all of the questions, you will be on your way to the rest of your journey. Death has no hold on you now, so go save the world!

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