Dragon Ball How To Give Gifts In Dbz: Kakarot

Looking to build friendships in Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot? Well, you’re going to need to give gifts to some of these notable characters to earn their favor. Once you find a character’s Soul Emblem, you’ll be able to give that particular person a gift. This allows you to improve your relationship with them and will allow you to upgrade your Community Board. Upgrading that will allow you to unlock new bonuses!

Upgrading your Z Warrior Community will increases bonuses given to your characters. Here’s a look at the buffs you will obtain by ranking it up:

  • Rank 1: Support Gauge Initial Value +5%
  • Rank 2: Melee ATK +1%
  • Rank 3: Ki ATK +1%
  • Rank 4: Support Gauge Initial Value +10%
  • Rank 5: Melee ATK +4%
  • Rank 6: Ki ATK +4%
  • Rank 7: Support Gauge Initial Value +15%
  • Rank 8: Melee ATK +7%
  • Rank 9: Ki ATK +7%
  • MAX Rank: Support Gauge Initial Value +50%


Once you find a new gift, you will want to give it to a character you want to upgrade! Here’s a step-by-step process on how to give gifts in DBZ: Kakarot:

  • Press the Pause button (Start)
  • Head to the Community section
  • Select Soul Emblems
  • Choose the character you want to gift
  • Press the button to view Soul Emblem Details (It will show the key at the bottom of the screen)
  • Press the Gifts option
  • Choose the gift you want to give

Gifts will upgrade your friendship rating, and reaching certain numbers will unlock rewards!

You can see it done in this video:

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