Dragon Ball How To Heal In Dbz: Kakarot

Learning how to heal is a must for every game, and that’s no different in Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot! There’s multiple different ways you can recover your health, so we’ll go through them all to make sure you are in tip top shape, whether you are in or out of battle.


One of the methods you can employ is a common one in many games. You can heal yourself by heading to a campfire! While you are making your way across the map, you’ll find campfires by their signature plume of smoke to stop at all over the place. Head to one of these and you will bring yourself back to full health for free. While you are here, you can eat a meal, which is one of Goku’s favorite things to do. Cook up some food and gain some stats, or just rest to regain your hp and ki!


This is useful for healing when you are on the go and can’t find a campfire, or you are in battle and need the ability to quickly gain some hp! You’ll likely want to refrain from doing this while just in the world flying around, save these items for in battle if you can! To use a healing item from your inventory, hit either the Options button your PS4, Menu button on your Xbox controller, or Escape on the PC. Select the Items menu option, and then scroll down to the particular healing item you’d like to use. Hit the use button, and you will be able to restore your health!

Assign Healing Items to Your Quick-Select Menu

If you want to utilize healing items in battle, then you are going to need to assign them to your Item Palette. To accomplish this, all you need to do is go back to the Items menu and find the item you want to equip. Press the button that corresponds to your controller that assigns it: Square on PS4 and X on Xbox. You can then select which button you want the item to be placed under.

Now that you’ve assigned it to your quick menu, you can press and hold on the D-Pad (C on PC) while you’re in battle to open up the Item Palette. This will give you a list of the items you can use, press the button that corresponds with the particular one you want to consume and you will be healed!

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