GW2 The Icebrood Saga Episode Two, Shadow In…

GW2 The Icebrood Saga Episode Two, Shadow In The Ice, Now Available

Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Episode Two is officially live.

Dubbed Shadow in the Ice, the story is a continuation of Episode One which debuted last year. Players are taken to Northern Shiverpeaks to confront epic world boss, Drakkar.

A host of new features include:

  • An expansion to the Bjora Marches map introduced in Episode One, nearly doubling the size and providing new explorable areas and rewards
  • New tiers to the Essence Manipulation and Raven Attunement mastery tracks
  • A new Strike Mission that pits players against the whispers in their mind, and the dark force driving them
  • The Trials of Koda, a series of new rotating, multi-tiered map events with unique achievements
  • A new, upgradable third tier to the Ancient Boreal weapon set
  • A new Raven armor set, heretofore only available to NPC characters
  • A new world boss, Drakkar, Jormag’s champion locked beneath Lake Drakkar for untold centuries

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