Black Desert Known Issues



Thank you for playing Black Desert for Console. We always strive to deliver the best possible experience for our players, however sometimes we discover issues that crept through our QA process. Below is a list of currently known issues in Black Desert:


 There is an issue where when the network is unstable, the UI will not be displayed correctly.

 There is an issue where you cannot check the effects and duration of the gold bar exchange buffs in certain churches.

 There is an issue where minigame UI and the buff icon overlap.

 There is an issue where unusual light effects appear when HDR mode is activated.

 There is an issue where the following skills for Ninja do not apply stealth when holding LS↑: Shuriken: Moon Dive and Ninjutsu: Oni Shadow.

 For Shai’s Misty Haze skill, there is an abnormal effect found, temporarily blocked.

 We are aware of the issue where the NPC Maryan Pero, the Connoisseur of Calpheon, is missing. – This issue will be resolved after the next regular maintenance.

 There is an issue where the chat window displays family name instead of character name, disabling Whispers and Party Invites with other users.

 There is an issue where the NPC Shop Window does not automatically refresh when items are sold at the bottom of the list.

 There is an issue where in certain languages, word-wrapping does not work as intended, causing certain UI elements to overlap.

 There is an issue with the Quest, ‘Where is the last glass shard?’ where one of the NPC’s are not spawning, making the quest impossible to complete.

 There is a known issue where the German version of [Mystic] Crown Eagle series’ tooltip’s format is different from other items.
 There is a known issue where the Chinese version of [Event] Value Pack (7 Days) displays the wrong duration of the item in the tooltip.

 We are aware of the issue where the quest NPC for the Leader of the Ahib is in an abnormal location, making it unable to complete the quest.

 We are aware of the issue where you are unable to continuously process items that cannot be stacked in the same inventory slot.
– This issue will be resolved during the next scheduled maintenance.

Fixed Issues

 There is an issue where items that were transported before the recent update are not being displayed. These items are still there, however they are currently inaccessible.

 There is an issue where the tooltip for the ‘Let’s Make Moon Rice Cake’ event ingredients incorrectly state they should be arranged in an [l] shape. In order to combine these items, you will need to make a [-] shape.

 There is an issue where parts of Rosa De Sharon and Arctic Fang Outfit tooltips are displayed in English if the game language is set to Spanish.

 There is a known issue where through a specific set of conditions, wizards are locked into a pose.


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