Black Desert Mobile [2/11] Patch Notes

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 02/11 update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. Read below for more details.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

A new Nightmare zone has been added to Omar Lava Cave in South Mediah. The previous Nightmare zone in Witch’s Chapel is now closed.


How to Enter:

You can enter the new Nightmare zone from the entrance in Omar Lava Cave. You can also find the Nightmare icon for this area on the World Map.


Nightmare Mode:

– Enemies in Nightmare Mode are much stronger than those in standard areas.

– Outlaw Mode is permanently enabled. You may attack any other Adventurer except fellow Guild Members.

– Entry to the Nightmare zone is limited as there is only 1 instance per server.

How to Fight:

– A 5-minute timer will start upon entering the Nightmare zone. Defeating enemies or other Adventurers will extend this timer.


Things to Note:

– When the Nightmare zone reaches 90% Adventurer capacity, the area becomes unstable. Once unstable, unless the Adventurer capacity drops below 80%, defeating enemies will no longer extend the timer.

※ For more information, please refer to the [Nightmare Guide

1) Ranking systems have been updated. Ranks are now region-based and will be calculated across all servers.

2) New classifications for Life Skills have also been added along with Arena Ranks.

–  Ranks are now divided into Character Rank, Family Rank, Life Skill Rank, and Arena Rank.

– Arena Rankings can also be found through the tab at the top of the screen.

– Adventurers can set their Arena Tier and Rank Icon next to their Family Name.

※ More information can be found in-game.


– Accessory Resonance has been updated.

Enhancement Level Before After
All Accessories +3 or above All Branches Damage +1% All Branches Damage +1%
AP +2
DP +2
All Accessories +4 or above All Branches Damage +2% All Branches Damage +2%
AP +4
DP +4


– Fixed an issue where the screen would occasionally flicker in Camp. Abnormal loading times when leaving the Camp have also been fixed.

– Required Items for certain content will now show where to obtain these items.
※ Tapping the Info button in the UI for Ancient Ruins, Boss Rush, World Boss, Enhancement, and Force Enhancement will show where to obtain the necessary items.


– The Pet list page will now show the maximum number of Pets that can be registered.
– The UI for the Trading Post in Camp has been improved for better visibility.
– In the pop-up window that appears after turning off Sleep Mode while in Auto-Combat, Adventurers can now tap items that appear in the window to see their tooltips.
– Moved the alert icon detailing the requirement(s) to end the Guild War in [Guild] – [Guild War] page for improved clarity and visibility.
– Removed the CP of offline guild members on the guild member list in Siege Gateway for Siege War.


– Fixed an issue where pressing and holding the Free Lightstone or Free Relic button would continue to show effects after receiving the lightstone or relic.

– Fixed an issue where the effects for equipping Lightstones would appear to overlap on certain devices.

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Craft Black Stones’ button would not disappear on certain devices.

– Fixed an issue where the number of Outfit Chests shown in the Pearl Inventory would be incorrect when opening the Outfit Chest right after purchase.

– Fixed an issue where the UI for purchasing Stamina Potions would not fit the pop-up window.

– Made changes so that when an item is selected for Enhancement, the ‘Craft Black Stones’ button will no longer show.

– Fixed an issue where the Pet icon under the mini-map would be replaced with goblins after adjusting the UI size.

– Fixed an issue where the rewards obtained through Adventurer’s Fame would appear to be available after the season ends.

– Fixed an issue where the messages notifying participants in a Node War would appear blue when the guild that destroyed an objective was the guild labeled as white.

– Fixed an issue where going from [Pearl Shop] – [Exchange] to [Social Tokens] and back to [Exchange] would cause a black screen to appear.



– Story: Removed the repeatable quest “An Interesting Rumor”.


– Fixed an issue where the Sorceress could not cast the skill “Dark Pulse” when she had 15 Mana remainin

■ New Event

– Sweet Candy Bingo Event!

– Daily Missions Event for New/Returning Adventurers!

– x1.5 Login Reward Event


■ Events Ending

– Field of Valor

– Shakatu Gear Shop Chance Up Event

– Puzzle Event

■ New Products

– 1,232 Pearls + 1,232 Black Pearls

– 2,055 Pearls + 2,055 Black Pearls

– Skillbook Package

– Enchantment Chest


■ Sale Ending

– Growth Package I

– Growth Package II

– Enhancement Chest


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