Archero Patch Notes – Information On The…

Archero Patch Notes – Information On The Latest Updates!

We’re gathering up all of the patch notes from Archero! If you’re wondering what has been updated and when, then we’ve got all the information you’re going to need. Updates for Archero go out in waves and usually first to Android. So, you will need to wait a bit before receiving the updates on your iOS device and sometimes on Android if you aren’t in the early wave. Patches are generally added on a monthly basis, but the frequency changes from time to time.


The 1.3.6 patch is a pretty big one and brings a bunch of new abilities, and includes a new Ancient Legendary rarity.


  • You can now hide coins in the battleground, which will increase your performances!
  • Sapphires have been added to time reward!
  • You can now watch an ad to increase time reward bonuses!
  • New rarity: Ancient Legendary! (you’ll need 2 legendary of the same type for an ancient legendary)

New Abilities

  • HP Plus: Room cleared without taking damage will increase your health.
  • Attack Plus: Room cleared without taking damage will increase your damage.
  • Crit Plus: Room cleared without taking damage will increase your critical damage.
  • Speed Plus: Room cleared without taking damage will increase your attack speed.
  • HP Gain Aura: Increased health once in a while.
  • Crit Aura: Increased critical chance once in a while.
  • Speed Aura: Increased attack speed once in a while.
  • Dark Touch: Place a 1s time bomb on struck target, explodes dealing 90% of modified damage (atk boosts) in an aoe of around.
  • Obsidian Circle: Places dark touch on hit enemies.

What Has Changed

  • Some changes on old abilities: meteors and stars.
  • Color revision in spring festival event.
  • More rewards in the battle pass.


  • Staff homing issue is fixed.
  • You should be able to pick up your reward after reward 18 for the battle pass with the update.
  • As usual the update will be rolled, this time only 10% of Android users in order to fix major bugs if there is any. If not, the update will be fully rolled within the next few days for Android and release for IOS!
  • If there is any issue with the update please contact me as soon as possible, it will help everyone to get the update the sooner possible!
  • I personally want to thank the developers for bringing features that have been asked, the future of Archero is looking great. I hope you do all enjoy those changes and are hyped as I am for the next big update!

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