Lord Of The Rings Online Starts Testing New…

Lord Of The Rings Online Starts Testing New Raid And Rohan Housing

Bullroarer Update 25.4 – Preview #1

Bullroarer is OPEN.

Remmorchant, The Net of Darkness
“Far beneath the Ephel Duath, in the deepest caverns of Torech Ungol, lies the Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness. There, wreathed in webs of shadow only the Light of Earendil might hope to penetrate, lies the lair of Ungwetari, the last child of Ungoliant.”

This update includes the new Remmorchant raid, changes to itemization for lower levels, some stat tweaks, numerous bug fixes and more. Please yell at us about any bugs, balance feedback, or issues other you encounter!

News and Notes:

  • The player database has been wiped.
  • Character Copy to Bullroarer will be available. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.
  • Account Services are also available for copy. Please let us know as soon as possible if any of these services fail to copy properly.
  • Bullroarer will remain open until Friday afternoon (02/14). Time subject to change.
  • This update is a work in progress and the patch notes are not intended to cover every change. If you find something we left out you think is important, let us know and we can add it to the notes.


  • Remmorchant, The Net of Darkness – A new 12 person raid is available for preview. This is still a work in progress!


  • Low Level Itemization Revamp:
    • We’ve updated most of the low level (1-50) gear to use modern itemization schedules.
    • This means that the gear will generally have more complex statting (3-5 stats per item), and that these stat layouts will conform more to the modern style of statting.
    • In particular Light, Medium, and Heavy armor at low levels will now almost always conform to the proper main stat for the classes that can equip them. They may still include off-main stats for color or to allow more creative off-type gearing, but they will now almost always include the class mainstat and some vitality/health in order to make it scale more effectively.
    • As a rule of thumb, most low level pieces will improve, some quite substantially. Monster statting at low levels will be tweaked to accommodate the change in player effectiveness as a result.
    • Because many pieces of low level gear featured only 1 or 2 stats, while the new versions generally have at least 3, you will often find that the points are distributed differently than before. Some existing stats may drop as a result, but in general the overall value of the pieces should improve.
    • Reworked the stats for most low level crafted jewelery to more modern stat budgets, etc.
  • Certain shields will now display smaller due to a bug fix that was causing them to double their scale increase from their smaller versions.
    • Some examples of shields affected are Elven Soldier’s Heavy Shield, Hardened Elven Knight’s Heavy Shield, and Superior Heavy Shield of the Golden Host.
  • Adventurer’s gear will now be base item level 412, with the chance to create at up to item level 417. This will coincide with the Raid release which includes item level 426-430 incomparable and legendary gear.


  • Tweaked the balance of defensive stats vs. vitality to encourage more variety of itemization in defensive builds.
    • Partial avoidances are now ~12.5% cheaper to cap.
    • Itemization budget for avoidances and incoming healing increased slightly (~5-10%).
    • Itemization budget for tactical mitigation reduced.
    • Itemization budget for vitality & health reduced by about 5% (you’ll see your morale drop somewhat).
  • Fixed a bug that reduced certain ratings in the later game.


  • Craft Guild recipe cooldowns can be reset using Mithril Coins.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: The Mithril Coin Recipe Reset will refund the Mithril coins spent. This will be corrected in a future build
  • Ithilharn Shards are now awarded for completing the following weekly quests:
    – Imlad Morgul: The Reclamation
    – Imlad Morgul: Vale of Sorcery
    – Imlad Morgul: Continued Threats
  • Essences disenchant for a quantity of Malleable Essences equal to the tier of the essence.
  • Minas Ithil T3 & T4 Essence crafting recipes can accept Malleable Essences in lieu of the normal ingredients list. Quantity needed is equal to their disenchant value + 1.
    • Essence boxes crafted this way will be bound to account. This is accessed by clicking the ‘Use Ingredient Pack’ checkbox. The text for this mechanic will be updated in a future build.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Another invisible towns person near Brockenborings has been given her body back, and is once again visible.
  • The VO for the bestowal of Chapter 6 of the Court of Lothlorien Allegiance has been corrected.
  • Changed the art for the Wart-blooms in Nan Curunir since they were difficult to select, and also moved them out of the weeds so they’re easier to see.
  • Adjusted the draw distance for Saebereth in ‘Mazog in the Web’.
  • The incomparable bracelet and chest gear drops from tiers 4 and 5 of the Halls of Black Lore and the Houses of Lamentation will now properly drop at item level 418 on tier 4 and item level 419 on tier 5.


  • The jingling bell sound was removed from several travel steeds where it was not appropriate: Steed of Elessar’s host, Ice Flower Steed, Hunting Steed, Sea-ward Steed, Steed of the Moon Moth, Steed of the Alliance of the Third Age, Rescued Steed of Agarnaith, Sunflower Steed, Farmers Feast Steed, Picnic Steed, and the Perfect Picnic Steed.
  • Performance improvements have been made to client-side landscape loading.
  • DX11 Interactive Water will now work properly in 64bit clients.


  • Jinjaah in the Eyes & Tavern now offers a selection of weapon auras that will cause your weapon to glow in the presence of a specific enemy type. Please try out these weapon auras in main hand, off hand, and ranged aura slots.

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