Black Desert My Secret Sweetheart Event

Greetings Adventurers!


Black Desert Mobile presents the [My Secret Sweetheart] Fan Art event!

Create a work of art expressing your admiration or fondness for an NPC of your choice.

❤️ Submission Date: February 14 – Feb. 28th (23:59 PM PST)


❤️ Theme: Secret NPC Crush


❤️ How to Participate:

1) Draw, paint or craft an image of your character and an [NPC Crush] from Black Desert Mobile Global.

2) Post on your own Twitter profile and include the following:

Your correct Region, Server & Family Name [Ex: NA, Heidel, Username]

The Hashtag #BDMCrush2020 and Twitter tag: @blackdesertm_en



– 6 Grand Prize Winners: Tier-1 Red Ribbon Cat x1, Appearance Coupon (7 Days) x1

– Top 30 Winners: Appearance Coupon (7 Days) x1

■ Please Note:

– Winners will be announced after the event.

– Any inappropriate artwork will be excluded. Furthermore, all offensive comments will be punished in accordance with the Operation Policy and are subject to punishment.

– Creativity and quality will increase your chances of winning.

– Anything requirements missing mentioned in ‘How to Participate’ will be excluded.

– Any work submitted after the event period will be excluded.

– Moving or deleting your post after the event period will be excluded from the results.

– If your family name is different, inaccurate or changed before the results are announced, rewards will not be given even if you win the event.

– All artwork may be reposted with the name and region of the original creator of the artwork.

– The event period is subject to change.

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