PlanetSide 2 Escalation Test Server Update

Hey everyone,

The Public Test Server will be coming down Wednesday the 12th at 8am (Pacific) to publish a small update with a number of changes/bug fixes/etc based on the feedback we’ve received from the community over the past few days. The expected downtime is approximately 2 hours or less.

The update includes the following changes:


  • Tuning pass and fixes for Bastion Mauler cannons. Should more reliably hit and do more noticeable damage.
  • When a Bastion is destroyed, its explosion will now damage and impact nearby players and vehicles.
  • Bastions that are not destroyed will “timeout” and leave the zone after one hour.
  • Bastions are now spotted and tracked with the Engagement Radar.
  • Players can now re-deploy when in Desolation.
  • Updated world map selection image for Sanctuary.
  • Polished the Citadel Shield visual effects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Players can now spawn into a Bastion despite exiting and returning to a continent.
  • Bastion turret projectiles now originate from the proper location.
  • All Bastion turrets now properly animate when using waypoint attack.
  • Bastions can no longer be sent out of bounds.
  • Disabled player spotting while in Sanctuary.
  • War Assets can no longer be spawned in Sanctuary.
  • Removed some invisible/broken collision from Sanctuary.
  • Fixed a few client crashes.

In addition, the team is prepare a full update that we plan to publish to PTS either Thursday or Friday of this week. This will include automated Outfit Wars scheduling.

Thank you again for your help and participation as we continue prepping the Escalation Update! Please keep the feedback coming!

The Rogue Planet Team

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