Planetside 2’s Escalation Update Is Pushed Back…

Planetside 2’s Escalation Update Is Pushed Back To February 26

Hey everyone,

I wanted to provide a brief status report on the Escalation game update.

After reviewing the build that was just published to the Public Test server this afternoon, we have decided to push the live release back by one week to Wednesday, February 26th. We’re close, but as I mentioned during the dev livestream last week, we would hold the release if it’s not ready for primetime.

Based on your reaction over the past week, you’re excited and have very high expectations. I can tell you that the Rogue Planet team shares the same level of excitement and wants to not only meet your expectations, but use the Escalation update to raise the bar going forward. We wouldn’t expect anyone to give us a pass for publishing an update early, if the quality and level polish is not there. We plan to utilize the extra week incorporating your feedback, fixing bugs and continuing to refine and polish this update.

Since the update hit PTS last Friday, the feedback from the community has been incredibly helpful. Please keep it coming!

I hope you understand this decision and I’m confident that the extra time needed will be worth the wait.


Andy “IronSites” Sites

Head of Rogue Planet Games
Executive Producer, PlanetSide 2

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