Black Desert [2/18] Elle Belucci’s Exchange Shop

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Greetings, Adventurers!


Collect Event Certificates by completing various Events! You can exchange Event Certificates for items you want.

Find out more below:


📢 Event Period
After the 2/18 Maintenance – 1st maintenance of April


📢 Event FAQ

1. What is an Event Certificate?
– Certain events will give you various rewards to help you in your journey in Black Desert Mobile.
– An Event Certificate acknowledges the completion of these in-game events and will allow you to gain even better rewards!


2. How do I obtain Event Certificates?
– You can obtain Event Certificates by completing in-game events.
– Not all events will give Event Certificates. Adventurers will be informed of the events that give Event Certificates.


3. I need at least 30 Event Certificates in order to exchange items, but with the current events I can only get 10 at maximum. Where can I get more?
– Currently, you can only get up to 10 Event Certificates. Upcoming in-game events will allow you to obtain more Event Certificates upon their completion.

4. How do I exchange Event Certificates?
– You can exchange certificates in the event ”Elle Belucci’s Exchange Shop.” Here you can see which items are available for exchanging. Spend Event Certificates for the items you want!


■ Exchangable Items

Exchangeable Items Event Certificates
Mystical Gloves Chest 30
Mystical Shoes Chest 30
Mystical Helmet Chest 35
Mystical Armor Chest 45


※ Please Note
– The event period is subject to change.
– This event follows our [Event Policy] and [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].
Thank you.

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