Fortnite Introduces Rival Spy Factions In The…

Fortnite Introduces Rival Spy Factions In The Top Secret Second Season

Well, that whole ARG thing about agencies turned out to be an allusion to more than one secret spy network. Fortnite has officially kicked off its second season with a whole spy vs. spy motif and called it Top Secret, bringing a variety of thematic changes to the battle royale map, the Battle Pass, and to the game itself.

Sections of the map are now bases for the Ghost and Shadow agencies, which feature NPC enemies, turrets, and security cameras. Players can choose to infiltrate these bases if they wish, face off against a base’s leader, and earn powerful rewards for doing so. According to the official site, hideouts have secret passages that can get players inside, and new items like decoy grenades, proximity mines, and disguises are included with this new season. Kotaku also reports that shaking down enemy henchmen can grant special temporary abilities like the ability to see where chests and other NPC enemies are located, or even a keycard to open a vault full of rewards.

The spy games motif has also been enfolded into the Battle Pass, which unlocks a Hideout and lets players choose an agent, complete weekly battle pass challenges, and take on faction-specific missions for Ghost or Shadow that lead to additional unique cosmetics. However, choosing one faction over the other is permanent. This hideout Battle Pass screen also has a vent that leads to the superhero Deadpool and some additional weekly challenges, which could lead to a Deadpool skin as well.

There are no patch notes at the time of this writing, but there are unique web pages for both this new season and the new battle pass, as well as trailers for both that we’ve embedded below.

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