KurtzPel February 27th 2020 Weekly…

KurtzPel February 27th 2020 Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

Please check the weekly maintenance schedule below.

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the February 27th, 2020 (UTC+0) Weekly Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2020-2-27 05:00 ~ 2020-2-27 06:00
AMERICA SERVER PST 2020-2-26 21:00 ~ 2020-2-26 22:00
EUROPE SERVER CET 2020-2-27 06:00 ~ 2020-2-27 07:00
ASIA SERVER JST 2020-2-27 14:00 ~ 2020-2-27 15:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)


1. New Attendance Event (Feb 27th 2020 – Apr 15th 2020 UTC+0)
Event rewards include [Eltheca] Radiant Magic Stone, [Eltheca] Advanced Supply Box, Dyes, [Eltheca] Character Appearance Change Ticket, and more.



1. You can now switch your Karma in the Character Info window by using the Tab key.



1. Sword Taliah
  • a. Break Damage upon activating Fortitude has been decreased.
2. Blazing Fist
  • a. Activation delay for Whirlwind has been increased.
  • b. Directional movement distance during Wild Flurry has been increased.
3. Dual Soul
  • a. RMB Charge attack damage decreased by 25%.
  • b. Moon Slash’s last attack damage decreased by 30%.
4. Sacred Guardian
  • a. Holy Cross break damage decreased and removed the break damage on the damage over time attack.
  • b. Decreased the distance of Crusade before you hit an enemy.
5. Fallen Light
  • a. Hitting an enemy with Full Burst while in the air will now make the enemy be lifted in the air less.

Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.


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