OrbusVR Offers A Peek At The New Areas Coming…

OrbusVR Offers A Peek At The New Areas Coming With The Mini Story Pack DLC

Mini Story Pack Spotlight #2: New Zones

With the first Mini Story Pack, we’ll be introducing four new mini zones, as well as a micro version of Pierre’s shop. With the exception of Pierre’s shop, all zones will be accessed from different locations throughout the greater Highsteppe area.

Pierre’s Shop

Your adventure begins in Pierre’s shop. After Pierre’s assistant, Gorman, enlists your help to find his friend Zaarp, he will provide you the micronizer tool and instruct you to try it out in the shop before venturing out. Once shrunk down, you’ll have a chance to explore the shop from a new perspective, as well as get your first shot at the new climbing mechanic in game.


From the shop, Gorman sends you out to find his meeting spot with Zaarp: a cluster of mushrooms surrounding a tree stump across from the Green Lady Temple. Once you locate the spot and use the micronizer, you’ll find yourself outside the lizard village known as Mugwood. Explore the village and talk to its inhabitants, then take a stroll along the zone’s walking trails underneath towering mushrooms and flowers – but keep your weapon close, for the lizards aren’t the only creatures living in the area.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for climbing vines, which will allow you to explore additional areas of the zones in search of secret caves and hidden treasures, along with some interesting views.

Hollow’s Creek

Head to the pool at the top of Leisa Falls and you’ll discover a new feature: a dock! Below the dock, undetected by the fishers who pass overhead, is a hidden world teeming with life. Known as Hollow’s Creek, this area is the home station of the Foragers, a collection of lizards devoted to gathering and distributing food to lizards throughout the region.

There’s plenty of beauty to behold in Hollow’s Creek, from the blooms and the lily pads to the glow of the moonflies at dusk. But be on your guard, for there’s more than that lurking among the reedflutes of the creek.

Thorndell Meadow

Along the road between the city of Highsteppe and the plateau above it, you’ll find a collection of barrels and planks in an open plain of grass. The lizards know this area as Thorndell Meadow – and though it might seem peaceful from above, upon shrinking down you’ll find it anything but. Make your way around the maze of wagon wheels and other debris to find safety at the Patrol’s outpost and get a better view of the surrounding dangers. Or clamber up planks and ropes to explore new territory and find a few surprises.

The Lair

The final zone of the story takes you deep into a crevice at the back of Sarrow’s Cave. Little light penetrates this lair, so be sure to pack your lantern before you embark on the final stretch of your journey. The last thing you want is to lose your bearings in the maze of tunnels that make up this cave…

As always, stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming weeks to learn more about what to expect from the new Mini Story Pack!

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