Riders Of Icarus: Call Of The Wild Update!

Lazard, the Insect legion king has given you his final task for the preparation to Magmafora, but as you become stronger a shift of wind has stirred, Ani awaits you in the Grand Canyon Village to inform you that you’re needed because there’s an ancient evil threatening Brakarr Forest.

An Evil is so powerful it corrupts the very essence of life itself. Yatuman has been released from his seal, anyone who will try to go inside his altar will surely get wiped out immediately and Riders are the only one can make sure to defeat Yatuman and stop from corrupting Midellas.

Defend the forest and claim the lands, gear up, get stronger and party up with your fellow Riders and save the Midellas from destruction!

We are all counting on you Riders! Your journey is not ending yet, it always begins.

Patch notes Details can be seen here:

Riders of Icarus: Call of the Wild

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