Fortnite Ted Offensive Challenge – All Honey…

Fortnite Ted Offensive Challenge – All Honey Jar Locations

We’re taking a look at the new secret Ted Offensive Challenge that was added to Fortnite in the 12.30 patch! This isn’t listed anywhere and can only be triggered by jumping into the game and going to a specific location. After you’ve done that, you will need to know where-to find all five Honey Jars that spawn on the map to complete it! We don’t know if these leads to additional challenges yet, but it’s worthwhile to complete for the extra XP and the possibility of it unlocking something bigger.


You will need to make your way over to Weeping Woods and to the C5 quadrant on your map. There’s a cabin in this area that has a secret to be found under it!

Once you are at the location, you can go inside and find a bookcase. If you get close to it, you will get the option to Open it. Do this and head through the small hole that appears in the secret room. Alternatively, you can just breakthrough a couple of basement doors, but that isn’t as secret agent-y. Once you’re down in this area, look for some conspiring teddy bears. If you get close enough to them, you will get an alert that the Ted Offensive Plans have been found.

You will notice a map in this room, those X-marks indicate that you can find pots of honey in those spots. Rather than memorizing that map, here’s a version you can more easily follow:

Each time you grab one of these, you will contribute to an objective that is FOR THE BEARS! There’s five pots of honey in all, and you’ll need to go around and consume each of them to complete the challenge. Each honey jar is located at the base of a tree, so if you’re having trouble finding one just look at the bottom of all the trees in the area. In most cases, the location shown on the map above is the EXACT spot where you can find it.

Once you’ve finished up your last jar of honey, you will earn yourself 40,000 XP for your troubles! We’re hoping there’s going to be more to this in the future, but for now that’s all we know!

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