Black Desert [4/7] The Perfect Vacation Getaway…

Black Desert [4/7] The Perfect Vacation Getaway – Terrmian!

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The best vacation spot has opened in Black Desert Mobile.

Come visit Terrmian to have a good time and earn rewards at the same time!

Find out more below.

📢 Event Period

After the maintenance on 4/7 – Until the fourth maintenance in April

📢 Event Details

1) Tap on the Gift Box Icon next to the mini-map.

2) Tap on [Go to Terrmian] button to move to Terrmian.

3) Complete the mini-games, events, and daily missions to earn rewards.

📢 EVENT 1. 3 Minigames

Enjoy exclusive mini-games that are available only at Terrmian!

1) Sky Shellfish Hammer

– Time your hit well to earn a high score!

2) Make Red Bean Ice Desserts

– Place the dessert ingredients in order to make a delicious Red Bean Ice Dessert within the allotted time!

3) Stoneback Crab Card Matching

– Tap the cards in the correct order!

📢 EVENT 2. Defeat the Pirates

1. Defeat the big bad pirates who are threatening Terrmian and get the [Cox Pirates’ Chest].

2. You can engage in standard combat or use the Water Cannons to defeat the pirates.

Date Time Period Location
Until the fourth maintenance of April
11:00 to 12:00
The pirates will appear at Terrmian coast.
19:00 to 20:00

📢 EVENT 3. Heaps of Quest Rewards

■ Terrmian Quest from Sera

1. Accept the quest from Sera in Terrmian upon your first login.

2. Complete Sera’s quest and get your hands on a beautiful outfit!

※ Your Black Spirit must be lv 30 or above in order to accept the quest. If your Black Spirit reaches lv 30 during the event period, the quest will be automatically accepted the next day.

※ You can only accept this quest 1 time.

■ Sera’s Daily Quest

1 .Complete the daily quest from Sera in Terrmian and earn rewards!

2. You’ll obtain [Terrmian Pearl Chest] when you complete the quest.

■  Terrmian Villager Quest

1. Help the villagers in need around Terrmian and earn rewards!

2. You’ll obtain [Terrmian Pearl Chest] when you complete a given quest.

※ You can accept each quest once.

※ Please Note

– Certain rewarded event items may or may not be spiritbound. As a result, event items cannot be transfered or restored due to those reasons.

– The Event Period is subject to change,

Thank you.

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