GW2 Step Into Spring With Maguuma’s Treads

Put your best foot forward this spring! Inspired by the wilds of Maguuma, these boots are bound with vines and enchanted with mysterious glowing runes.

Complete your look with Maguuma’s Mantle and Maguuma’s Grasp, back in stock this week!

Fifteen Years of Guild Wars: Free Gifts and Sales

We’re celebrating the fifteen-year anniversary of the Guild Wars® universe on April 28! Starting this week, you’ll find free gifts in the Gem Store and 25% discounts on weapon skins inspired by the original Guild Wars games. Learn all about the celebration here.

From now until April 28, pick up a free Self-Style Hair Kit courtesy of the Black Lion Trading Company.

What’s in Stock

Returning Today

      • Exo-Suit Mounts Pack—20% Off
      • Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit
      • Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack
      • Super Holo-Copter Glider Combo

Returning This Week

    • Jora’s Cape
    • Jora Appearance Package
    • Primeval Dervish Outfit
    • Dervish Package
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!


One thought on “GW2 Step Into Spring With Maguuma’s Treads

  1. What happened to the Maguuma’s treads? They are no longer in the gem store! I really wanted to buy the set but it vanished before the day was up. Did I just miss it?

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