Torchlight III Patches In The Legendarium…

Torchlight III Patches In The Legendarium Along With New Legendaries And Balance Changes To The Alpha

Mainline Patch – May 22, 2020

To work closely with the Closed Beta testers, we continue to do weekly updates. While it means that some bugs might make it past our QA team, it does help us get more immediate feedback from our changes.

A “mainline” patch brings all of the past week’s development work into the Closed Beta test. Players will need to exit the game in order to download the new version.

Bug reports in the Steam Bug forum, via Feedback button in-game, and through Discord are incredibly helpful, thank you! Players will notice many of their reports listed as fixed in today’s Patch Notes.

Happy Tuesday Torchlighters!

We have a big update today that contains a GIANT YAPPER amount of new features, bug fixes, and polish. This update addresses many of the community’s concerns and feedback regarding skill issues, build variety, and difficulty / quest confusion. Let’s cover a few of the most noticeable additions and updates:

The Legendarium has been added! You may notice some affixes may not yet be implemented and are not working correctly yet. We decided to release the Legendarium so that players can start to test out the feature while we continue to bug fix and polish it.

We’ve made some difficulty updates. You can now show off your difficulty badge with pride and join others in your quest to defeat Torchlight 3 on the most difficult setting – Ridiculous!

New Legendaries are now available!

There are loads of skill updates (including designer notes) to read through below, including general updates to ALL movement skills.

Updates to the Luck Tree and Reliquary quests that will make it easier for players to understand the progression of these tutorials.

We are still continuing to review many other suggestions from the community, including additional endgame improvements / features and hope to have an update for you regarding that feedback in the nearish future.

Until then, thank you again for continuing to test and providing your feedback / bug reports at! You are helping us make Torchlight 3 better one bug report and suggestion at a time. Want more info on how we are using Nolt? Visit our Roadmap and Community Info board here for more details.

See you in-game!
– Echtra Bean


Enabled the Legendarium feature. See more details here.

Changing the character select difficulty flow. See more details here.

Fixed character create references to default armor sets that were not correct for certain genders.

Added Pet names and a couple of player names.

Set hyvid-related affixes to not be valid until level 16 (when you are first expected to reach Act 2).

Fixed an issue where Harvesting animations would continue infinitely until another key was pressed. They now end when the harvest action is completed.

Updated the character customization menu to adjust the available head and hair options when gender is changed (since genders don’t necessarily have the same number of options).


Added a pop up warning about a character’s difficulty badge changing.

Updated difficulty shields in the player profile.

“Added ‘Invulnerable!’ combat notification. When invulnerable monsters are hit, it shows ‘Invulnerable!” text on the monster.

Enchanting polish:

Moved warning call to action on the Enchanting panel that was overlapping with the cost number.

Set all enchanting recipes to be “Consumable” quality to make it less disappointing when something that has dropped appears to be a rare or legendary item, but is instead a rare or legendary recipe, which you may already have. The recipes continue to drop at varying rarities and have commensurate gold values based on that, but they no longer appear like items (gear) of different rarities in drops or inventory.

Skill/Relic screen polish:

Flipped the skill upgrade frame progress to clockwise.

Aligned Relic text description and moved it a bit to avoid overlap with side panel. Formatted info panels.

Updated Relic preview area to fit better on screen when the info panel is closed or open and made it more important on screen.

Help button tweaks.

Relic art in info panel updated

New icons for Relic skills: Miasma, Contagion, Blood Frenzy, Boiling Blood, Cold Front, Freezing Touch, Violent Burst, Shocking Burst, Lingering Charge, Empowering Smash and Reign of Fire.

Updated the animation to not scale as large and replaced circle with diamond shape to fit better with the actual shape of the Relic UI.

Added the toggle info button on the Relic tab of the Skills menu.

Disabled item icon added for the potions and Relic HUD UI elements.

To increase the visibility of gold costs for items, we added a dark shadow area underneath the gold cost amount to increase contrast and centered the cost on the item.

Gold value shows on items only when talking to a vendor.

Fixed ‘Play’ button that could be covered up in some resolutions with some number of characters.

Player area affixes are now displayed with the other monster affixes in the HUD.

Added glow under selected nav menu text (skill, fort edit, etc…).


Added lake-themed music to the second half of Act 1.

Fixed the lore item providing chests to use the same, correct base chest mesh and animations, so they animate properly.

Fixed an issue where there was a 100 second delay between interactions with Mayor Bolton in Echo Landing.

Fixed Dying Imperial Guard appearing twice with the same audio clip in Hyvid Hatchery.

Added “sisters” placeholder intro cinematic/animatic to the end of Trial of Fire (before entering Wideload’s Lair).

Added placeholder boss death/end cinematic/animatic to Clockwork Core.

Added placeholder boss death cinematic/animatic to Netherim Chamber.

Fixed damage area to match visual for infested vents.

Added a few more clickable cannons to Goblin Forest levels.

Added a few windmills to Goblin Forest edge levels.

Fixed an instance where the exit warp portal could sometimes spawn behind the boss chest in The Chasm.

Moved Yapper a bit so his chain is attached to the wall in Trevail Point.

VFX Updates / Fixes:

Turned off capsule shadows for monsters that “dissolve”.

Set up death FX for Sadista’s Glaive.

Added Holy Alpaca material.

Fixed Psora’s projectile offsets and casts.

Fixed Poison Barrage missile offset.

Fixed exploding barrels.

Fixed shadows for destructibles.

SFX Updates / Fixes:

Added flier sounds to flier swarm spawner.

Partial fix for not having the Luck Tree sound on all monuments.


Removed a Fort wall decoration (Busted Stone Arch) that was appearing in the player’s fort by default (This should only be unlocked via the Homesteader’s Contract random decoration rewards).

Updated default fort with the same layout but with less clutter.


Fixed an issue causing Plaguebearer Poison Orbs to suddenly block pathing when their owner died.

Reduced the amount of health and damage increases conferred to Bosses in higher difficulties (they now gain less health and damage than normal monsters or champions).

Brall Wolf health & bite attack damage reduced.

Brall Illusion health reduced.

Increased cooldown on Brall’s Melee Spin and Teleport skills.

Fixed an issue with Brall’s Illusions dealing damage (they should only be a distraction in the final phase).

Fixed an issue where Brall’s Nether Well Arrow dealt damage as it landed (it should only deal damage via its spawned Nether Well Hazard).

Fixed Hyvid Chargerbug’s scale being too large when made a champion.

Fixed Blazing monster affix appearing on Packs, not Solos. This should be a solo affix.

Ordrak Lightning Breath and Shockwave Stomp damage reduced by half to account for hazard overlaps. This may be a case to use anti-shotgunning for hazards when that is ready, or an immunity effect, but halving the damage for now.

Fixed Automata Custodian Capsule issues.

Fixed Automata Hulk Capsule issues.

Adjusted the Galvanic Slayers to spawn less often.

Lowered the largest pack size for Putrid Slayers to be more consistent with other skeletons.


Several new Legendary Items have been enabled to drop.

Added the basic attack damage bonus affix to all weapons, and now it scales on a new curve to 60.

Fixed weapon spawn bias that made common, magic and rare pistols and rifles twice as likely to drop as other weapon types.

Echonok Armor enchants are all unlockable now through item drops. Same for Hyvid and Echonok shield enchants.

Everything but foci can be enchanted right away, you’ll have at least one starter recipe.

Added missing data for some common quality secondary affixes so that we more consistently get the affixes we expect when enchanting common quality gear.

Added Gigantic Mysterious Crystal to Homesteader’s Contract rewards (#34)

Changed the name of the Forged’s starting armor from “Tattered Rags” to “Battered Chest”.

Smoothed out animations and added glow to the active shield.


The send pet to town button in the pet info widget in the upper-left of the screen is now using the same logic of whether it can send the pet to town as the button in the inventory. This fixes an issue where you could use that button to send your pet to town when the pet’s inventory was empty.


Sack of Luck Seeds for the “Tutorial: From a Humble Seed” quest is now droppable from any champion monster, instead of only goblin monsters.

Sack of Luck Seeds now has a 100% drop chance from a champion monster.

Updated “Tutorial: From a Humble Seed” instructions and help pop-ups.

Removed the Ember Core Tutorial Bundle consumable item from the “Tutorial: Relics” quest and replaced it with 24 Ember Cores automatically picked up and added to your inventory’s Resources tab upon talking to Sgt. Klive. Also updated the Ember Core help pop-up text description upon collecting your first Ember Core.

Fixed Wolfram in McTyres Cove appearing as the quest turn-in NPC for Echonok Quests.

Updated Enchanter’s Altar tutorial pop-up description text and fixed typos.


Changed Flaming Destroyer targeting to direction instead of location. (Now rotates to orient before activating.)

Added more descriptive text to Magma Burst’s fear chance passive.

Relic Damage Bonus to allies increased from 5% to 25%, but can no longer stack.


Melee damage reduction tooltips revised.

All Movement Skills now have a consistent charge count and recharge time, set for all characters at 2 Max Charges and 10 second recharge time per charge. Luminous Run is included in this – it now has charges like other movement skills.


Change the out of charges text for Ghost Visage to say Ghost Visage and not Smoke Bomb.

Ghost Visage cannot interrupt itself, stopping the use of two charges on a single press.

Revised Ghost Visage and Shadowstep timings to be much faster on the initial teleport.
Designer Note: We’ve decided to wait on changing the distance until we try this new timing and see if that accomplishes the feel we want.

Adjusted all instances of Heart Seeker to be written as such, eliminating places where it was written Heartseeker.

Onslaught damage reworked. It was not taking into account the player’s weapon damage, just applying 60% raw damage no matter.


Fixed it so Vent skills are once again doing damage based on scaling tiers of venting. This was busted on ALL Vent skills for a while.

Adjusted Sonic Pulse’s tooltip to not indicate it has a base stun chance without getting a milestone effect. This was an error.

Rapid Strike :Removed one additional strike from rapid strike’s tier one milestone. Removed the 100% bonus attack speed on the tier 3 milestone, reduced it to 30%
Designer’s Note: This was way overdoing it. We’ve made the milestones still powerful, but slightly less good to make it not the only skill that is worth using.

Revised Servo-Driven Uppercut’s tier 2 synergy milestone to only have 10% crit chance, putting it in line with all others.

Rapid Fire cost reduced from 5 to 3 Heat.

Power Projection defense bonus increased from 25% to 50%, healing reduced from 5% to 2% per second.
Designer’s Note: We wanted to make this not a replacement for potions, but still something that could heal a group in a pinch, while also bolstering its primary effect so that you get a more meaningful and noticeable defense effect.

Fixed an issue where Rapid Strike wouldn’t rotate the player’s character to face new targets if cast in quick succession.

Fixed an issue where Shotgonne Blast wouldn’t rotate the player’s character to face new targets if cast in quick succession.

Slugshot damage lowered from 200% to 180%.

Furnace Blast damage reworked. It was not applying correctly so was always way, way too small instead of what the tooltip indicated.


Fixed error where Shotgonne Car for Railmaster’s max level was 5.

Hammerspin cannot interrupt itself, stopping the use of two charges on single press.

Coal Launch can no longer be targeted at locations the player cannot reach.

Dusk Mage:

Spirit Well minions lifespan reduced from 30s to 15s.

Spirit Well can no longer be targeted at locations the player cannot reach.

Added Spirit Well minion health bars.

Damnation damage reduction upped from 30% to 50%.

Revised Dusk Mage skill synergies so that light synergies are on the light tree and dark synergies are on the dark tree.

Switched places of Spirit Well with Dark Spears, moving Spirit Well to tier three.

Energy Spikes is now a cooldown skill, with a 4s cooldown. Mana cost was increased from 2.5 to 3, and now it fires a wave of slightly more chaotic missiles. They no longer hit enemies a ton of times per missile.
Designer’s Note: This skill was just not fulfilling the place we wanted it to, and it was incredibly hard to tune because it could hit enemies so many times, especially the larger enemies like our bosses. It now has the “anti-shotgunning” tech we’ve applied elsewhere here, and fires a ton more missiles in a big wave. Same for it’s milestones.

Light Spear weapon damage decreased from 210% to 170% weapon damage again, but it is now charge based, doesn’t use Mana at all, and has two charges.
Designer’s Note: This allows the player to spam the skill twice with no mana cost, and if they are dark charged and not light charged, it will let them throw two spears for free twice.

Consecration now gets its damage buff scaled per point added. It has a duration of 8s instead of 14s, and its cooldown has been lowered from 30s to 16s. It’s tier 3 milestone also does 3% healing per second, instead of 15%.
Designer’s Note: THis skill was way over-tuned in its tier 3 milestone, but also felt bad being such a long cooldown on the bar. Now we hope with more damage on the buff per skill point, as well as more frequent use, it can be more useful to people to have on their bar.


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