Voxelbox Boundless’ Latest Update Is Sparkling…

Voxelbox Boundless’ Latest Update Is Sparkling With Gleambows

Hopefully, you’ll have been following our reveals and teasers on social media over the past week or so, but let’s get it all in one place.

How to Play Gleambow Racing

On Rugged and Inhospitable Lush worlds, all Meteorites are replaced by Gleambow Meteorites. A Gleambow is a unique type of meteorite made from natural Blocks in a variety of colours. They can be identified by their spectacular multicoloured trails. If you’re lucky, you may even find a pure Gleam or Glass Gleambow. Fancy!

Once a Gleambow touches down, you’ll only have a short time before its Blocks adopt the natural colours of the World. Sprint, Grapple, Warp, slide, leap, swim and Buff your way across the landscape before it’s too late.

You’ll need specialised Tools to break your way through those super-tough Gleambow Blocks. A Gleambow Totem will do the trick, so make sure to get hold of one (or more). While you’re at it, keep an eye out for some strangely colourful Cuttletrunks, aptly known as Gleamtrunks, who’ll try to make life difficult. Don’t ignore them! You might find their pickings useful for your next race and more.

Tweak your Skills, grab your Gleambow Totem, down a Speed Brew – ready, set, Gleambow!

This time, the customary Gleamtrunks are no mere annoyance! They’ll drop Mutated Gleam Sacs once defeated, which can be crafted into new food items to provide 3 exciting new buffs!

Gleamberry Juice significantly increases the radius of your character’s pickups. This ‘magnet’ effect will be tremendously helpful with all gathering tasks. The Gleambow Jelly bestows the super fun ‘Jelly Jump’ buff, which boosts your jump and double jump height to incredible levels. This also reduces all fall damage for the duration of the buff.

Last but not least, the Gleampop will give Citizens the ability to walk on water, leaving a colourful trail of ice behind them! We can’t wait to see groups of keep Gleambow hunters, racing across the landscape with huge leaps and leaving icy trails behind them.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a brand new wearable, the Gleambubbler, which provides a fun visual effect around your character as they emit a stream of bubbles. This can be picked up in The Exchange as always.

Two brand new props are here for you to enjoy too! Perennial favourite Oorty gets a funky makeover, and there’s a shiny new Gleambow Trophy to show off in your Beacon.

If you just can’t seem to catch a Gleambow … then why not summon one! Our brand new Gleambow Augment can be fitted to a totem, then fired into the sky to spawn a Gleambow.

We’re super excited for this round of Gleambow Racing, and we hope you all are too! See you in there folks!

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