Bitlife 100 Challenge Guide

The BitLife 100 Challenge is now in the game and we’re taking a look at how to complete it in this guide! We’ll explain how to get 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks. We’ll also show you how exactly to get $100 bucks in your bank!


There’s nothing more attractive than a centenarian with perfect stats!

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the 100 Challenge:

  • Be 100 years old
  • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
  • Have 100% Happiness
  • Have 100% Health
  • Have 100% Smarts
  • Have 100% Looks


The main thing you want to look for when starting your character is just a high amount of stats across the board. Smarts and Looks are the most important because these are the ones that are harder to gain as you grow. Happiness and Health are more likely to fluctuate throughout your life, so you can get those higher pretty easy without a ton of effort.

It’s important to note that everything has to be 100% only when you reach 100 years old. It can fluctuate throughout the ages, so don’t be too stressed about it until you’re getting close to 100. However, once you’ve hit 100 you will need everything to be at 100 simultaneously. You can’t age anymore after you’ve hit 100 or you won’t be able to complete the challenge.

100% Happiness

This is probably one of the easiest ones to accomplish. You can gain happiness in a variety of ways. Some of them include going to the movies, doing activities with friends (conversation, spending time, etc.), go for walks, and go on vacation for a big boost.

100% Health

Health isn’t too difficult to get up, you just need to make sure you’re hitting the gym and going for walks. You’ll need money for this once you age after 18, so get a job or do some part time gigs to keep your money low.

100% Smarts

Hit the books and study hard while you are in school. This can be one of the most difficult ones to keep at 100, so make sure to keep it as close as possible. While you aren’t in school anymore, read books and go to the library to upgrade it.

100% Looks

Looks can be a difficult one because it’s going to go down quite a bit while you age. You want to make sure you’re going to the gym and taking walks. You should be doing these to maintain your health anyway. Also, make sure to hit the Salon & Spa and get your haircut and nails done. You can also go tanning and get waxes to increase the stats.

When we’re heading close to year 100, then we’re going to want to make sure we have enough money to get some plastic surgery. You will hopefully not be too far from 100 at this point, and can just get something like Botox rather than a full Face Lift!

Bank Balance of $100

Once you reach 100 you will need to get your bank balance to 100 bucks. To do this you will want to have at least someone in your life you can both gift and give money to. This is either a family member or a significant other. Give them gifts until your bank account reaches something with a 0 at the end of it. You can then give them money until you are left with $100 in total!

If you’ve got a lot of money, then buy houses or cars to lower your total. You can also play blackjack and gamble a bunch of it away. However, this will lower your happiness level, but you can pretty easily get that back up if you spend time with your family!

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