Roblox Piggy Chapter 12 Guide – All Endings…

Roblox Piggy Chapter 12 Guide – All Endings (True Ending Coming Soon)!

We’re taking a look at exactly what you need to do to complete Chapter 12 in Piggy! There’s quite a few items you’ll need to find to complete the level, and you will have a choice on which ending you would like to experience if you can escape. We go through all of this in our Piggy Chapter 12 Guide which can be found below. We’ve also included a video if you’re having trouble following along.


Your first step is to go into the laboratory room with the green and pink liquid down the red lit hallway. Pick up the Orange Keycard and head back to the starting area. Go through the orange lit hallway and into that room. In this room you should find a Yellow Key, it could be in multiple spots but should be somewhere in this area. It could be in one of the rooms under a shelf or could be on one of the benches. Go downstairs and open up the Yellow Safe with the key. You should find Wooden Boards in here, pick those up. Go to the area opposite of the Yellow Safe and open up the door. Use the planks to cross the green liquid to get the Hammer.

Once you have the Hammer, go back to the side of the room with the Yellow Safe. Use the Hammer to remove the wood that is on the door. Go to the end of this room and you will find the Green Vial. Pick that up and go back to the laboratory down the red hallway. Place the Green Vial into the green liquid area. Pick up the Green Keycard in the room and then head back to the starting area and through the green lit hallway and through the green door.

Find the Blue or Red Key and unlock the matching door. You should find the other key you need behind that door. Take that key and unlock the other door. You need to find two batteries that will be somewhere in this area. One of these areas will have a piece of furniture with two red lights on it. This where you need to bring the Batteries. Once you find a Battery, bring it to this area and place it. Find the second Battery and place it as well. When you do, you will be given the Purple Vial! Take that and return to the Laboratory room.

Place the Purple Vial into the purple liquid area and you will receive Dynamite. Pick that up and place it in the middle of the map, which is the large circular area that leads to all of the rooms. This changes up the entire area, and features some new rooms and places to explore.

Look into the new rooms, you need to find two Coins to place into a Vending Machine. You should be able to find one of them in the carnival area, but it could show up elsewhere. Find the Coin and bring it to the Vending Machine. Next, you’ll want to find the Torch. This is a brown object with orange and yellow animated flames. It can appear in the vending machine room, but could spawn in other random spots. Take the Torch to the ice block, which is in a small room that almost looks like a prison cell. Light the fire next to the ice and it will melt. The Silver Key will drop from the ice block, take that key and bring it to the Silver Safe which is located in the cafeteria room (has a bunch of tables in it). Unlock the Silver Safe and retrieve the second Coin. Place that Coin into the Vending Machine to retrieve the Mallet.

Bring the Mallet to the carnival room and use it to play the strength testing game that will ring a bell once you smash it. This will drop a Picture of Mrs. P, pick that up. Find the evil Robotic Mr. P and hand him the picture to escape!

If you struggled at all, here’s a good video to watch to figure things out! After the video is information about the endings, so don’t scroll further if you want to be surprised.

———–Spoilers are ahead about the endings———–

You will have a choice to make though, you can choose to go with George or stay with Mr. Potato.


To get the good ending you will just need to go with George. You will exit the facility and Mr. P will stay and fight the Zombies and only his hat will be left behind. You will talk with George, Zissy, and Pony. George will suggest that we look for a cure, and that’s pretty much the end of the chapter.


If you decide to stay with Mr. P, you will immediately get ambushed by a zombie. It will then show Bunny without her eye patch in the credits, and you will then see Mr. P’s hat on the ground.


This hasn’t been found yet, so we’ll need to update you later when it is discovered. MiniToon on Twitter mentioned that if no one can figure it out within 24 hours that they will make it easier:

We’ll be updating this post with exactly what you need to do to get that ending as soon as possible!

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