Torchlight III (Beta) :

Hey Torchlight Fans,

The Torchlight 3 Closed Beta is ending this week on Friday, May 29th, 2020.

Wow, it’s a bit of a shock to see that sentence. After over a year of working together in a Closed Alpha/Beta, this stage is actually coming to a close. While we are continuing to move forward towards Torchlight 3’s launch, this is an important time to look back over the last year. With your help, this game has come a long way.

Let’s take another step back to look at how we got here.

Back in November of 2018 we ran two Weekend Alpha events – where the game was quite rough and several design risks were on display. Then from March through December 2019 we were in Closed Alpha – with various big updates along the way. Listening to feedback, we completely remade several fundamental systems in Updates 1-9. Remember when skill progression was currency based? Or Relic Weapons that swapped out your equipped weapons and only had one power?

Then, in January 2020, we released Update 10 with some massive new content: the Sharpshooter joined the fray, and heroes began delving into the Echnonok mountain fastness of Act 3. We also announced that the game was renamed to Torchlight 3 and that our business model had changed. Happily, your response to that was resoundingly positive. Since Update 10, we’ve been releasing patches almost every week. Although some chunky content like Class Skill Tiers, cinematic transitions, and legendary items have been added in this time, the TL3 team has been almost entirely focused on bug fixing and polish. You’ve seen their massive bugfix lists in the patch notes, and how polish on combat skills can make a massive difference in-game feel almost overnight. We still have a bunch of that to do – especially as we prepare to launch on the various platforms. Which brings us to [the start of Closed Beta].

After announcing Closed Beta, we heard pretty clearly “You aren’t done yet!” You said that we needed better character customization and a better end game. So while we continued to fix bugs and work on Launch-related projects, we also went back to adding features. The Legendarium helps with the character customization. Difficulty Levels became a badge of honor. The end game feature is still in development. Meanwhile, we fixed thousands of bugs.

Which brings us to today.

And this is just another step towards the end goal of Launch Day. So while this is an end of an era for many of our Torchlight 3 testers, this marks the beginning for our larger Torchlight family. We’ll be sending along a bundle of in-game resources to our testers so they can use this week to build the fort of their dreams and launching a Fan Kit for players to start getting ready to create Torchlight 3 content. And while we have no specific details to give out yet, we strongly recommend Torchlight fans tune into our Twitch Friday Funday stream this Friday at 11:00 AM (Pacific Time) to learn more about when Torchlight 3 will be available to the public. Additionally, we’ll be making more announcements relating to the future of Torchlight 3 soon, so please stay tuned for upcoming news.

We could not have completed this Closed Beta without our community. We appreciate all the bug reports, suggestions, and feedback you’ve provided along the way; Torchlight 3 would not be possible or as great of a game without you.

Tyler Thompson
TL3 Project Lead

Quick reminder from Echtra: The Closed Beta test is still invite-only and the NDA remains in effect. This NDA will remain in effect for all Closed Beta image/video content from here until otherwise specified.

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