Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items List

Unique items in Minecraft Dungeons are the highest rarity you can find in the game! These are going to end up being the most powerful options you can equip due to their extra abilities they feature that can’t be found on other items.

Each normal item that can be found in the game has a unique version of it! This means if you have a particular common item you like, you can find a more powerful version of it eventually. While these unique weapons and armor are powerful, you will be mostly looking for particular Enchantments to really get the most out of them. Each time you find an item, it has a random batch of enchants, as well as a random amount of enchantment slots available to use.

If you’re leveling up your character, don’t hesitate to salvage your unique items. While these are great and should be sought after, you will find them again in the future! You will also want to be able to get your enchantment points back to power up higher tier gear.

As you get into the late game, you might find a particular build and items that you want to pursue. You can farm items specifically by going to levels in the game that feature that particular item as a drop. Each level has a set item list that will drop in it, you can view this below where you set the difficulty!


We’re compiling a full list of all the unique items in the game below. We’ll be updating this when we find any new ones! Let us know in the comments if you’ve found something we’re missing so we can add it!


  • Archer’s Armor (Hunter’s Armor): Movespeed aura
  • Cave Crawler: +50% Artifact Damage
  • Ember Robe (Evocation Robe): Burns nearby enemies
  • Fox Armor (Wolf Armor): 30% chance to negate hits
  • Frost Bite: Spawns a Snowy Companion
  • Highland Armor (Scale Mail): Gains speed after dodge
  • Spider Armor: 3% life steal aura
  • Stalwart Armor: Potion use boosts Defense
  • Wither Armor (Grim Armor): 35% Damage reduction


  • Bonebow (Bow): Arrows grow in size
  • Bow of Lost Souls: Chance for Multishot
  • Butterfly Crossbow: Shoot two enemies at once
  • Doom Crossbow: Additional Knockback
  • Elite Power Bow: Greater damage
  • Feral Soul: Souls Critical Boost
  • Firebolt Thrower: Chance of Chain Reaction
  • Guardian Bow: Super charged arrows
  • Hunter’s Promise: Chance to regain arrows
  • Imploding Crossbow: Pulls in enemies
  • Lightning Harp Crossbow: Chance to ricochet
  • Master’s Bow: Extra damage dealt
  • Mechanical Shortbow: Accelerated Fire Rate
  • Red Snake: Chance for Arrows to Explode
  • The Green Menace: Spawns poison clouds
  • The Pink Scoundrel: Chance to enrage mobs
  • The Slicer: Chance to fire piercing bolts
  • Twin Bow: Shoots two enemies at once
  • Voidcaller: Pulls in enemies


  • Broadsword: Extra damage
  • Cursed Axe: Defeated mobs explode
  • Dancer’s Sword: Increased Attack Speed
  • Dark Katana: Extra Damage to Undead
  • Diamond Pickaxe: Finds more emeralds
  • Diamond Sword: Extra damage
  • Eternal Knife: Chance to gain Souls
  • Fangs of Frost: Slows mobs
  • Fighter’s Bindings: Boosts attack speed
  • Firebrand Axe: Burns mobs
  • Flail: Binds and Chains enemies
  • Frost Scythe: Slows mobs
  • Grave Bane: Extra damage to Undead
  • Hammer of Gravity: Pulls in enemies
  • Hawkbrand: Increases critical hit chance
  • Heartstealer: Leeches health from mobs
  • Highland Axe: Stuns mobs
  • Jailor’s Scythe: Binds and Chains Enemies
  • Nameless Blade: Reliable Combo
  • Nightmare’s Bite: Spawns poison clouds
  • Sun’s Grace Mace: Heals allies in the area
  • The Last Laugh: Mobs drop more emeralds
  • Venom Glaive: Spawns poison clouds

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