Black Desert [6/2] Celebrating The Launch Of…

Black Desert [6/2] Celebrating The Launch Of Valencia – Alchemy Stone Extravaganza Event

Hello Adventurers!

We would like to share some details about our event “Celerating the Launch of Valencia #2 – Alchemy Stone Extravaganza Event.”


Log in every day during the event period
to get a total of 23,000 Alchemy Stone Fragments in your mail!


Find out more below.


📢 Event Period

After the maintenance on 6/2 (Tuesday) – Until 6/8 (Monday)


📢 Event Details

1) Log in every day during the event period.

2) Collect the [Alchemy Stone Fragment] from your mail.

3) Below you’ll find the number of Alchemy Stone Fragments you’ll receive for each day during the event period.


Date  Item  Amount 
6/2 (Tuesday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  5,000 
6/3 (Wednesday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 
6/4 (Thursday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 
6/5 (Friday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 
6/6 (Saturday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 
6/7 (Sunday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 
6/8 (Monday)  Alchemy Stone Fragment  3,000 


※ Notices

– The item in your mail will be available for 24 hours from when it was first sent. Please make sure to collect the item within that time frame.

– We are unable to provide assistance if you were unable to collect the items from the mail.

– The event period and contents are subject to change.


Thank You.

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