Neverwinter Challenge Of The Gods Event…

Neverwinter Challenge Of The Gods Event Starts Today

The gods have returned once again to test the many heroes that venture across Neverwinter. Be wary, for their challenges are not for the faint of heart! If you successfully complete their challenge, they’ll bestow you with a Gift of the Gods.

The challenge begins Thursday, June 4 at 10am PT

The challenge ends Thursday, June 11 at 10am PT

The gods will only test you if your character is level 10 or higher and you’re slaying monsters within seven levels of you. When they die, collecting special loot from them will count as an acceptance of the challenge. From there, it’s up to you to prove your worth!


Deity Challenge
Tymora Kill 2 foes without using any healing potions
Torm Kill 5 foes within 1 minute
Amaunator Donate to your Stronghold’s coffers within 3 minutes. Only appears on Stronghold maps.
Tempus Kill 10 foes without using any Daily Powers
Silvanus Kill 10 foes without using any Encounter Powers
Corellon Survive 30 seconds of combat while under half health
Oghma Use Daily Powers 3 times in 5 minutes
Sune Use Encounter Powers 10 times in combat
Selûne Complete 1 Heroic Encounter within 10 minutes.
Chauntea Use 3 skill nodes within 10 minutes

Upon opening a Gift of the Gods, you can receive the following:

Celestial Mantle – Feel the power of the gods floating behind you as you rush into battle with this divine transmute.

Celestial Grace Dye Pack – Complete your divine style with this dye pack fit only for those who have proven themselves to the gods.

The Speaker of Ao offers a daily quest to complete five Challenges! When this quest is turned in, adventurers will receive a Blessed Gift of the Gods, which contains rewards much like the normal Gift of the Gods, but with a chance to gain high-value items such as Lathander’s set items or the Forgehammer of Gond! If one Blessed Gift of the Gods is not enough to whet your appetite, more of these gifts can be found in the Zen Market for 100 Zen apiece.

Will you prove yourself to the gods or will you fail their challenges?

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