GW2 Datamining Uncovers A New Player Guide…

GW2 Datamining Uncovers A New Player Guide Coming To The Game

It’s always the right time to welcome new people into your favorite MMO, but sometimes the process of getting them on board can be complicated. But there’s good news for Guild Wars 2; in the most recent set of patch datamining, user that_shaman uncovered text related to an upcoming new player guide to help those who are new to the game or just haven’t been back for a while and need a chance to get back up to speed in a hurry.

Further datamining reveals that the guide will cover topics ranging from movement and the skill bar to using the forums and the trading post. All of these are good things, and they’ll help both lapsed players and complete newbies get up to a baseline level of understanding play, all of which is a good thing. Of course, none of this has yet been confirmed, and ArenaNet might pull it before it ever reaches the live servers, but it’s still heartening to see. Sometimes datamining reveals new content, but otherwise it just helps you know that it’ll be easier to get into content if you’re less familiar with the game.

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