GW2 Ready to Roam with the Wandering…

GW2 Ready to Roam with the Wandering Weapon Master Appearance Package

Wandering Weapon Master Appearance Package

You’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so make sure you’re prepared for anything Tyria throws your way. This package comes with a Wandering Weapon Master Outfit, Wandering Weapon Master Cape, 5 Charr Dye Kits, a Mythic Weapon Choice, and a Total Makeover Kit. The cape and outfit are also sold individually.

What’s in Stock

Stop in later this week to check out our updated selection of armor piece skins!

Returning Today
30% Off—Belinda’s Greatsword Skin, God-Slayer Bow Pack, Infused Blades Package, Tiger Insignia Axe Skin, Wolfheart Sword Skin, Wolfheart Shield Skin, and Chain Whip Sword Skin

Returning This Week
30% Off—Mount Adoption License, Metallurgic Dye Kit, Norn Dye Kit, Vibrant Dye Kit, Winter Chimes Dye Kit, Flame Dye Kit, Frost Dye Kit, and Glint’s Winter Dye Kit

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