GW2 Daybreak Achievements Guide

GW2 Daybreak Living World Season 4 Episode 1 Achievements Guide. Meta Achievement  There is a meta achievement to complete 30 achievements. This will reward you with 21 AP and Corsair Turban Box. Corsair Turban (all armor classes) Story Achievements  Eye of the Brandstorm Not So Shocking – 3 AP Repel … Read More »

GW2 Praise Joko Achievement Guide

A guide to the Praise Joko achievement in the Domain of Vabbi. This achievement in the Domain of Vabbi rewards 10 AP and a title Disciple of Palawa Joko. In return you must find statues of Palawa Joko and /salute them to get credit. Map Vehjin Palace Statues – 0:00 Foundry Statues … Read More »