Albion Online’s Latest Update Tweaks…

Albion Online’s Latest Update Tweaks Avalonians, Streamlines Ui, And Polishes Elite Dungeons Queen Patch 4 is Live The fourth patch of the Queen update brings further improvements and fixes to the world of Albion. We’ve rolled out numerous patches since last month’s Queen update – and this week is no exception! … Read More »

Albion Online A Brief Guide To Zerg Mechanics

Zerg mechanics refer to systems that affect large-scale open-world fights in Albion. Zerg, or ZvZ (“zerg vs. zerg”) mechanics, refer to systems that affect large-scale open-world fights in Albion. While greater numbers will often provide an advantage in sandbox games, these systems are in place to keep fights from being too one-sided and give … Read More »

Albion’s Biggest-ever Update Is Here

The Queen update shakes up the world of Albion and brings some big changes. Queen, Albion Online’s biggest and most ambitious content update, is now live! A big update needs a big trailer, so here it is. Hear firsthand from our development team as they discuss how Queen brings Albion … Read More »

Albion Online AMA Announced For January 18

The Queen Update Arrives January 20 Queen is coming! This update brings a complete rework of the Outlands continent along with fully revamped open-world territory control. An all-new Hideout system lets guilds place their own bases in the open world, while the Crystal League allows players of all levels to participate in 5v5 battles. This update also introduces … Read More »

Albion Online Percival Patch 7 Is Here

Percival Patch 7 has arrived – read about some of the important changes it brings to Albion’s economy and gameplay. Today we launched Percival Patch 7, which brings changes to Albion’s Silver sinks, quality-of-life improvements to building and transmuting, updated resource spawn rates, and more. So what’s new? More Silver Sinks … Read More »