Albion Online Updates Percival Coming July 10

On July 10, Percival, the seventh major post-release content update for Albion Online, goes live. This update further builds on the Randomized Dungeon system introduced with the Oberon update, introducing the long-anticipated Solo Randomized Dungeons. These new dungeons will also include new mobs with unique appearances, animations, and skills, complemented by a variety of all-new … Read More »

Albion Online Expands With Three New Outland…

Albion Online Expands With Three New Outland Regions & Much More Oberon Patch 5 (Midseason Patch) – Ver. 1.14.381 / REV 141987 – 9 May 2019 Outlands Expansion Three major new Outland regions have been added to the world of Albion: Siluria (equivalent in size and value to Cumbria) and West and East Glouvia (equivalent in size and … Read More »

Albion Online GvG Season 6 Schedule

Important Dates 20.04.2019 (Saturday): Season 6 starts (reset, invasion) 21.04.2019 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by timezone) 22.04.2019 (Monday): First GvGs 18.05.2019[/b] (Saturday): Resets and invader spawns 15.06.2019 (Saturday): Final resets and invader spawns, all scores doubled 12.07.2019 (Friday): Final GvGs 13.07.2019 (Saturday): Season 6 ends Details April 20, 2019: Start of Season 6 Season kicks off after … Read More »

Albion Online Dev Update: Hidden Entrances…

Albion Online Dev Update: Hidden Entrances And Randomized Dungeons An update on two major new features coming with the Oberon update. In a recent Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys gave a brief rundown of some of the new features coming to Albion in 2019. Two major new features, Hidden Entrances and Randomized Dungeons, … Read More »