Anthem’s Weekly Updates Stay Thin As The…

Anthem’s Weekly Updates Stay Thin As The Launch Anniversary Approaches Community Cortex | February 3 Hello once again, Freelancers, We’re going to keep this intro a bit shorter this week so you can get right to the good stuff. We did want to mention, though, how great it’s been to … Read More »

Anthem 1.6.2 Game Update Notes Icetide Season

New Features Icetide Season (Freeplay events, Weekly Strongholds, Challenges, Seasons Store) has been extended to run through February. Bug Fixes & Improvements Reduced the wait time to start Time Trial races from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Tyrant Mine should now be available in the seasonal Icetide challenge rotation. This … Read More »

Anthem 1.6.0 Update Brings Tweaks

New Features Welcome to Icetide – Shaper devices have brought localized ice storms into Bastion, bringing excitement with every glittering snowflake across the region. Ice is rare here, but when it arrives, people know that Icetide celebrations will soon follow. Holiday lights shine throughout Fort Tarsis, their bright colors sparkling on … Read More »

Anthem 1.5.0 Patch Notes

New Features The Cataclysm is back with updates for the Season of Skulls. The higher your score, the more seasonal currency you’ll be awarded to spend at the seasonal store. New Season of Skulls Freeplay events. Successfully finish three of these events in one Freeplay session to spawn a boss … Read More »

Anthem Just Stealth-launched The Massive…

Anthem Just Stealth-launched The Massive Cataclysm Update Today FEATURES New Story Missions – Track Dr. Harken and unravel the mystery of the Cataclysm. Available to all players who have completed the “Incursion” mission in the main storyline. Cataclysm – Battle Vara Brom and her forces in a dangerous new game mode that … Read More »

Anthem Pre-Cataclysm Challenges Now Available

After a mysterious countdown timer emerged, it appears Anthem’s pre-Cataclysm challenges are finally live. According to the Anthem subreddit, a new set of challenges are live in Freeplay, called The Oncoming Storm. “They involve Crystals which have appeared across Bastion. You either destroy crystals, kill crystalized enemies, or complete crystal world events. Here’s a look at them for … Read More »

Anthem Pre-cataclysm Event Is About To Begin

It appears that a new pre-Cataclysm event is about to begin in Anthem. A new countdown timer was noticed and posted on Reddit indicating a new event is on its way. Additionally, it appears this timer is live on all platforms, though nothing seems to be active in Freeplay just yet. Reddit is … Read More »

Anthem Cataclysm Update – Legendar…

Anthem Cataclysm Update – Legendary Weapons Land On PRT PTS: All New Weapons + Gameplay Demos It’s time for my promised Saturday update! This is a full list of all 9 of the new weapons, there are three of each base type. Currently these do not have variants that are … Read More »

Anthem Begins Testing Cataclysm Changes, But…

Anthem Begins Testing Cataclysm Changes, But Players Aren’t Satisfied Hey Freelancers,   It’s time for an update to the PTS, which should be available for download on PC at 2pm Central Time. This update will contain a number of fixes and changes based on player feedback. We’ve also added in … Read More »

Bioware Previews Upcoming Anthem Cataclysm…

Bioware Previews Upcoming Anthem Cataclysm Event Developer Livestream – May 30th, 2019 Where to watch Twitch VoD Mixer VoD Summary The Cataclysm Event • 8 week event • First 2 weeks: Pre-events • 3 new missions • New area: The Cataclysm • New systems: Scoring, inversions, leaderboards • New power … Read More »

Anthem Game Update 1.2.0 – May 29,2019

Features Freeplay Improved the compass to show collectible items as a question mark when you are near one. Added a purple target icon to show an area where an enemy that is guaranteed to drop loot will appear. When the enemy appears, they will have a white target icon. Added … Read More »

Anthem Game Update – April 08, 2019

Fixed an issue that was causing loot to drop for javelins other than the one being used. Addressed a number of issues that could occasionally cause Nvidia highlights to crash. Fixed an issue that was causing Elysian Cache items to not appear until completing another activity or restarting the game. … Read More »