Apex Legends Raises The Level Cap…

Apex Legends Raises The Level Cap Substantially But Adds A Lot More Rewards To It Learn more about the upcoming changes to Player Level progression and rewards coming December 3rd. Starting December 3 we will be making changes to Player Level progression, which includes raising the level cap as well … Read More »

Apex Legends Voidwalker Event Live Yesterday

Apex Legends Voidwalker Event Live Today Yesterday Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Choose from a roster of unique characters and experience the next evolution of battle royale. The Next Evolution … Read More »

Apex Legends Voidwalker Event

A two-week long event focused on everyone’s favorite interdimensional skirmisher. From September 3 to the 17 we’ll be running our next event for Apex Legends called Voidwalker. Centering around Wraith’s mysterious past, this themed event will be introducing lots of awesome content including a new town takeover, a limited-time mode, … Read More »

Apex Legends Event Structure Overview

All Hey, Leeeeeee-RSPN here (Apex Legends Director of Product Management Lee Horn, that is)! We wanted to share more context with you around the three types of events you can expect from Apex Legends including Season Launches, Collection Events, and Themed Events (the next one launching early September)! The main goal for all these events … Read More »

Apex Legends Launches The Iron Crown Event…

Apex Legends Launches The Iron Crown Event And Provokes Riot Over Monetization Last month, we kicked off Apex Legends Season 2 – Battle Charge. Since then, it’s been awesome to see players hustling to get to higher tiers in Ranked, creating strategic plays with Wattson, and using new parts of … Read More »

Apex Legends Season 2 Weapons Update

Hey everyone! I’m Sean Slayback, the principal weapons designer on Apex Legends at Respawn. The weapons team and I are excited to share some info about weapons in Season 2, so let’s get into it! New Weapon: The L-STAR Arrives This season we’re introducing the L-STAR, a rare and powerful LMG. This weapon fires … Read More »