Astellia Outlines ‘Let’s Go Family’ Event

Greetings Astellians, As mentioned in our previous announcement, we are introducing themed Weekday Events for everyone to participate in! This week, we bring to you, “Let’s Go Family!” Period: 3/10 ~ 3/14 | Duration: 6 hours per day [UPDATED SCHEDULE] : CET: 3:00am – 6:00am | 19:00 – 22:00 PDT: 3:00am … Read More »

Astellia Online Update Brings Legendary…

Astellia Online Update Brings Legendary Dungeons And Spidery Events January Content Preview! Greetings Astellians, The new year has arrived and we know many of you are eagerly awaiting news on what is up and coming for Astellia! Today we’re excited to be able to share a brief sneak peak at … Read More »

Astellia Content Roadmap

Greetings Astellians, As temperatures begin to drop and winter settles in, the end of 2019 approaches and with it a new year. A time that many reserve for setting goals and personal resolutions for the year. For the Astellia team, this is no different. We’ve been listening closely to the … Read More »

Astellia Online’s Newest Patch Adds In A New…

Astellia Online’s Newest Patch Adds In A New Astel For Fighting Dragons Greetings Astellians, On Thursday, November 7th we’ll be bringing the servers down for a scheduled maintenance. Maintenance Information Servers will come down at 12:00am PDT (Mightnight) | 09:00 CEST. Approximate downtime: 3 Hours Patch Notes Halloween Event has … Read More »

Astellia Online Free Weekend Event!

Greetings Astellians! Whether you’re simply looking for a new place to call home and just heard about Astellia, or have been on the fence about checking it out for some time. Today we’re happy to announce some fantastic news! You can check out Astellia for free! All you need is … Read More »

Astellia Review

Over the past three weeks, Astellia has been at the forefront of my game playing library. Developed by Barunson E&A Studio, Astellia is a generic Korean MMO which has been “redesigned” for western audiences.  This is not the first eastern MMO with haughty ambitions of luring western audiences in, but does Astellia have what it … Read More »

Astellia Online’s Class Evolution System Is Now…

Astellia Online’s Class Evolution System Is Now Live Greetings Astellians, On Tuesday October 8th, we’ll be introducing the Class Evolution system. Which allows level 50 players to further evolve into one of 3 specializations. Extending the amount of experience a character can earn, by converting it towards star ranks in … Read More »