Bless Unleashed Offers Apologies And Goodies…

Bless Unleashed Offers Apologies And Goodies For Estate Bugs And Erroneous Account Bans AN UPDATE ON ESTATE ISSUES Hello Pyreborn! First and foremost, we want to sincerely apologize about the confusion and resulting chaos that occurred after last night’s incident. Our priority is, and always will be, focused on providing … Read More »

Bless Online has officially sunsetted

Bless Online has officially sunsetted – RIP, Bless To our loyal Bless Online Community, Steam service for Bless Online will be ending on September 9th, 2019 at 00:00 PDT. While things may not have worked out as we had hoped, we have learned a lot from the experience of creating … Read More »

Bless Basel Gorge Gift Box Even

The first in-game event for 2019 will take place in Basel Gorge! Players will be rewarded with Certificates of Valor when they defeat monsters in Basel Gorge or when they complete Basel Gorge daily quests.  Players can then use the Certificates of Valor to craft a variety of gift boxes! … Read More »

Bless Online v. Patch Note

Bless Online v3.2.0.1 update [Rift of Space and Time Expansion] Expanded Content and Rewards Added an extra stage to the existing 2 stages (there are now 30 rounds total). Due to the addition of a new stage, added an extra mission that requires the player to defeat a mid-level boss … Read More »

Bless: The October Login Event

“October Login Event with Upgraded Rewards” The October login event with special rewards has now begun! Login every day and enjoy Bless Online! Event Period: October 1st ~ October 31st How to participate: Launch Bless Online Click on “Collect Daily Rewards” in the Attendance Check window Redeem the rewards that … Read More »

Bless Online’s Rift Of Space…

Bless Online’s Rift Of Space And Time Update Is Live With New Endgame Content Bless Online v2.1.0.0 update [New Content: Rift of Space and Time] Check out a preview here! Updated the new content “Rift of Space and Time” – The Rift of Space and Time is a wave defense type … Read More »

Bless Online v. Patch Note

Bless Online v1.4.1.0 update  [New Miscellaneous Features] Added an “Attendance Check” convenience system.- The system can be accessed by clicking on the “Attendance Check” icon in the System Menu.- Players can redeem their rewards by logging in with the character they’d like to have the reward sent to and by … Read More »

Bless Online: Server Merges, Compensation…

Bless Online: Server Merges, Compensation, And ‘summer Camp’ With Daily Rewards Summer Camp Login Event   Get daily login stamps from attending summer camp every day in Bless! If you log in for 20 days, you’ll even get an adorable Ducky mount skin! You can obtain many items through this … Read More »

Bless Online v1.4.0.0 Patch Note

Updated the new “Migra Turris (Elite)” dungeon. – Minimum entrance level / optimal number of players: Level 45 / 5 member party. – Entrance Limit: Once a day – Equipment Points Entrance Limit: 9903 – Reentrance waiting time: 30 minutes – Dungeon Entrance:a) Cornus Valley > Can be accessed through … Read More »

Bless Online v1.3.0.0 Patch Note

Bless Online v1.3.0.0 update [New Contents: Basel Gorge] Added ‘Basel Gorge’ – Basel Gorge will allow players to get rewards by battling against other factions in a PvP setting, fighting powerful monsters, and doing daily quests. – Basel Gorge entrance: Hieron – Iron Hawk Camp / Union – Dragon Cry … Read More »

Bless: [Patch Notes] Bless Online…

Bless: [Patch Notes] Bless Online v1.2.0.0 Patch Note Bless Online v1.2.0.0 update [Additional Content] Added “Certanon Arena” This new feature is a small scale battle in which a limited number of players (3 vs 3) from both factions participate in a best-of-five match. Players may join through the War UI … Read More »