TemTem 0.5.15

Fixed Temtem over the Tamer Cap going to the Squad if the TemDeck was full. Fixed Max’s second battle not being triggered under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed players getting stuck before arriving at Nanga under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed a bug that displayed a picking item … Read More »

Starcraft Ii 4.11.2 Patch Notes

BUG FIXES Co-op Mission General Fixed an issue where Commander Mastery and Ascension levels are not gaining experience. Commanders Mengsk Fixed various tooltips and icons for the Mengsk commander. Added missing lift off and landing sound effects from Mengsk’s structures. The Orbital Drop Pods upgrade now affects Dominion Troopers. Fixed … Read More »

Planetside Arena’s Next Update Will…

Planetside Arena’s Next Update Will Dynamically Tweak Safe Zones And Pain Fields For Low Population Matches EARLY ACCESS UPDATE #2: OCTOBER 3, 2019 Highlights include Underbarrel Enhancements, Combat Improvements, a new Dynamic Pain Field System, Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes and additional Anti-Cheat Measures. Global PC servers will come down on Thursday, … Read More »