Conan Exiles PC Hotfix (08.05.2020)

Greetings Exiles! We’re releasing a hotfix that aims to address some of the performance issues observed during the deployment of our latest update, particularly the CPU usage spikes. We’re also including a couple of AI fixes for followers. Thanks for your ongoing support. Stay safe! Please remember that updates can mess … Read More »

Funcom Is Rolling Out A Launcher For All Its…

Funcom Is Rolling Out A Launcher For All Its Games, Including Conan Exiles And Secret World Legends Testlive Patch (18.02.2020) – Followers Management System plus Funcom Launcher Greetings Exiles! We’re excited to bring to you a new Testlive patch that introduces a long-requested feature, the Followers Management system! From a … Read More »

Conan Exiles PC Patch

Greetings Exiles, We’re starting the year with a new patch focusing on bringing many fixes into the game, addressing exploits, general and UI issues among other things. We’re also laying down the first layer of quality fixes for NPCs and followers, which will be the focus for our next patch … Read More »

Conan Exiles Pc Patch (03.09.2019) – Battle…

Conan Exiles Pc Patch (03.09.2019) – Battle Standards, New Weapon Types, Further Balancing And More! Greetings exiles! We’re back with another free patch full of new and juicy mechanics and features including the new battle standards, a substantial rework and re-balancing of many weapon animations and combat mechanics as well … Read More »

Conan Exiles Pc Patch (25.06.2019) – The…

Conan Exiles Pc Patch (25.06.2019) – The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature And More! Hey everybody! We have a new patch with extra content for the game. Test your mettle against the Warmaker’s Champion in The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, a new dungeon for a seasoned party of level 60 adventurers. Check … Read More »