Counter-strike Release Notes For 3/7/2019

[MAPS] Vertigo: -Gameplay updates to bombsite A -Updated art -Enabled bombsite A in Wingman Blacksite: -Added commemorative graffiti for Katowice Showmatch Biome: Reverted the following January update changes: -Reopened connector between between A main and A long. -Reopened mid lower entry. Abbey: – Added half body cover on B bombsite … Read More »

Counter-Strike Players Petition…

Counter-Strike Players Petition Valve To Revert Strict Skin Trading Rules Today’s update includes a host of adjustments to Nuke, Dust II, and Canals, so jump into a match and see what’s new! Along with those map updates, we’re also making an adjustment to CS:GO item trading, described below. Details, [MISC] … Read More »