Dark and Light Patch 3/29

Greeting Adventurers, Our next update will be at 1:30 am PST on March 28th. Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closing for the update! ● Fixed an issue where Bola de Neutra might be lost when getting transferred to another … Read More »

Dark And Light Makes Staff…

Dark And Light Makes Staff Heads Far More Durable In Its Latest Patch Greetings Adventurers! On Friday, 3/27, a patch will be released. Be sure to check out of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below! Magic Optimization Second Round of Magic/Rune … Read More »

Dark and Light 3/8 – Patch Notes

Dark and Light Loading Optimizations We know that many Adventurers have had longer than desired load times since Dark and Light’s Early Access launch, especially for those who are not using a SSD. We’ve been working on this issue, and after this update, players should see a reduction in their … Read More »

Dark And Light December Holiday Update…

Dark And Light December Holiday Update – Patch Notes Season’s greetings Adventurers! Archos is gearing up for a cold winter, and all of the exciting (and occasionally dangerous) festivities that go along with it! We’re checking our list twice to make sure everything is working as it should before unleashing … Read More »